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Free No-Show Socks (Black/ White) C&C using $10 Voucher via App @ Glue Store


So recently there was a deal posted that if you download the glue store app, you get $10. Obviously I wanted to see what I can get for free. Considering the fact that The glue store sells mostly expensive brands I was for the hunt to get something for less than $10. It wasn’t easy since they don’t have filter from low to high. Anyways I finally found these socks for $4.99. If you get two of them that will be 9.98. Use your reward and that will bring it down to $0. Use click and collect to make it completely free. No payment method will be required from you.
Again credits to my daughter for doing all the hard work :)
Enjoy your freebie!

Original link for the $10 voucher that was posted by ahamburger

Proof of transaction

When it says check your address, just ignore it and press continue. It will still let u check out. Just placed an order on my daughters phone.

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    Good job, OP

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    Nice work!

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    No need thanks. I get plenty of no-shows from the girls I ask out already :P

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    Someone quickly tell iforgotmysocks, he's been waiting for a bargain like this!!!


    • Don't forget to tell JV's Tattered Socks too!

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    Thanks OP!

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    yep used it for my birthday rewards, also got some dr martens shoe laces for $10.

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    Wonderful, tell your daughter we said thanks also!

  • How long does it take for the email with the code to come through?

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      The balance should appear on the app tomorrow.

  • Why men need these?

    • Even if they didn’t need it before , they’ll need it now since it’s free :)

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      If you want to wear shoes without showing your socks

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        … because showing your socks is so embarrassing?

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          Nothing embarrassing about it. Just if it's a hot day or something you might prefer that

        • Well, yeah, a bit.

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      Most men do this now. It's not really "in" to have socks showing, for casual wear.

    • you are clearly over 30

  • Sadly not many places around so only really worth while if you are close to a store for click and collect.

  • Fyi they do have a price filter in each category

    • Yeah but it's only 0-$25 i think. I found a few t-shirts that were on clearance at $10 but they looked kinda crap.

  • How long did it take for you guys to get the $10 after logging in the app? Been hours and nothing so far

    • Took a day but I got it.

  • They look paper thin 😂

  • It wasn’t easy since they don’t have filter from low to high

    This ain't true and why stop at 9.98 when you can spend the whole 10 i.e this

    • It doesn’t work with sale items (c&c). If you are willing to pay $10 shipping then I guess you can do so

      • Hi OP, any tips on the checkout issue reported by a few users below?

        • Yes, updated post

  • The 10 dollar deal doesn't work for me when installing app

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    Dont know why I am unable to checkout. Receiving this stupid error.
    Please check your address - Postcode & suburb do not match

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      same. Can't seem to get around this either for some reason. Tried on both browser and app.

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        Same here

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      When it says check your address, just ignore it and press continue. It will still let u check out. Just placed an order on my daughters phone.

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        I tried doing that as well. Not sure if there's a mistake in what I'm doing.

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          I get the same

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        It still doesn't work. It takes me right back to the previous page where the error appears. Can you please share with us how you check out? Is it through a desktop, mobile, or app?

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          It worked even when the message error occurred. I was using the app on my daughters phone,
          Ps: make sure you have saved the c4c address, then type in your details.

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            @Nooni: What's c4c address?

            • @donamique: I think he means Click & Collect. I did all of the above several times… no luck :(

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                @Sweet3st: Yea me too, not working

                • @donamique: Did you use your voucher on the socks, or something else?

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                    @Nooni: Yup 2 pairs of socks…ok too much trying now have to stop myself lol.

                    • @donamique: Sorry about that, I placed another free order just now, I don’t know what’s happening to the other fellow OzBargainers. Sorry again…

                      • @Nooni: All good. What address do you use? Maybe the state matters?

                        • @donamique: After I select my store, I put in my home address, which is in Melbourne/Victoria

                          • @Nooni: Ok give up completely. Lol good effort though!

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                        @Nooni: But you couldn't have placed another free order… click and collect orders must be over $10.00 and not on sale.

                        Edit: It turns out that they may have changed the terms of click and collect shortly after this deal was posted- the part specifying the minimum spend is a recent introduction, as it wasn't present on archived webpages on the Wayback Machine found here which date back as late as the 16th of March this year.

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    Same here! Gave up!

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    Gave up as well! No more shopping at Glue Store for me. Complete website fail!

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    Guys, the reason why the click and collect isn't working is because Glue will only allow orders of $10.00 or more to be placed with that method:

    Q: How much does Click & Collect cost?
    A: Click & Collect is a complimentary service, and incurs no delivery fees. However there is a minimum spend for placing a Click & Collect order. This minimum spend is $10. To be eligible to place a Click & Collect order your cart total must be greater than $10. If your cart total is lower than $10 you will not be able to place a Click & Collect order.

    Glue FAQ

    Two pairs of socks only cost $9.98 — two cents short of the magic amount!

    • Ah thanks. I had same issue as the others. I guess they closed the loophole after OzBargain got wind of this. At least OP got her free socks :)

  • So yeah for C&C the minimum amount is $10. So i added another pair of socks and applied the $10 voucher, brought it down to $4.97 C&C. Was able to finish the order.

    • Hmm.

      Could return one pair?

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        Not sure about that though. 😁

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    The $9.98 order can no longer be click and collected.

    According to Glue Customer Support: "We have updated our terms and conditions so all click and collect orders must be over $10. This means unfortunately orders under $10 that are click and collect will no longer be processed."

  • OP, we can always use the $10 in store right? even for the sale item T-Shirt which worth $10?

    • Yes you sure can :) only catch is that it is very hard to find sale items in store, the best you can usually get to is sushi socks or a beanie :)