Suggestion to Replace My Current (Gigabyte R3) Laptop

Hi all,

My current laptop is a Gigabyte R3 laptop.

The specs on this are:
Display: 13.8"
CPU: i7-4510U
Mem: 8GB
Storage: 1TB HDD
Weight: 1.6kg, 21mm slimline

I paid about ~$1100, maybe 1200 about 4 yrs ago and it has served me well. However, the screen is falling apart (an edge is coming away from the case).

If I repair, I guess it'd cost about $200-$300. However, I'm struggling to find a suitable replacement. Most lightweights have an SSD for this price point.

Would you have any suggestions for similar spec for that price?

Thanks all for your suggestions!


  • Go to the Dell factory outlet site…

    Id go for an XPS 13 or latitude 13/14

    I picked up an insperon 13 SSD for $250 for my work bag (as they get knocked about and tend to last <12 months on average). Has held up fine for over 2 yrs now and if you dont need it for gaming I cant fault the thing. If I didnt kill them so quick Id go for the XPS

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