[XB1] EA Access 12-Month Subscription $27.09 @ CD Keys


Pretty good price, normally goes for $39.99.

This is only for the Xbox One and cannot be used for the PC.

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  • +8 votes

    I don't need this, I don't need this, I don't need this, I don't need this.


    No more EA access. It is dying. Last year, what happened to FIFA 18 made lots of people decide to leave the shit.


      What happened?


      FIFA is just one game in the library and EA Access is certainly not dying.

      I see PS Plus dying with same price sub and just 2 games for PS4 every month without gamepass and EA access.


      I'm keen to know what happened as well. Google/reddit just says you get 10hrs of FIFA 19 and FIFA 18 was made available in the vault as of Sep last yr. I just bought this deal, as new owner of xbone.

      My office plays FIFA every Fri & I want to use this to get familiar enough with the game to join - just to a participatory level of proficiency, and FIFA 18 being accessible is good enough?

  • -1 vote

    Fifa is normally added into the library in April, but last year until perhaps the end of the year. Wouldn’t use the subscription again. Not sure what will happen to fifa19.

    • +2 votes

      I'm guessing the whole World Cup thing may have contributed to them delaying it last year.


    The value of EA Access is definitely dropping, with $27 being about the right price point now.

  • +4 votes

    For a split second, I thought it was Xbox Gold subscription 12 month and got excited of buying 5 x keys .. and then read it again … oh well!


    Seems a pretty good price for what you get in it. Now if only Xbox Game Pass was this price too… :-)