[XB1] Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One $113.47 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


HOTAS for Xbox One. Cheapest around - I've been looking for one on a deal for a while now. More expensive elsewhere plus shipping ($125 plus shipping at Scorptec or PC Case Gear), or in store for around $170 (eg. JB Hifi). The Ace Combat 7 option via the link above is also cheaper than I could find elsewhere.

I really only want one for Elite Dangerous, but am thinking I'll put the money towards a VR setup on PC. I figure if I post the deal it might go out of stock and make my decision easier.

Ad blurb:
* The first official joystick for Xbox One and Windows, with the official Buttons for the Xbox One Console.
* Ergonomic design perfectly adapted for all types of flight simulation (space adventure, modern combat, warplanes, civil flight).
* Detachable, full-size throttle for Easy maneuverability, even in virtual reality.
* Adjustable handle resistance with wide hand-rest.
* Comprehensive flight Gear: 5 axes + 14 action Buttons + 1 rapid-fire trigger + 1 Multidirectional hat Switch (navigation/panoramic view).

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    I have the thrustmaster HOTAS t16000m on PC and play a lot of ED. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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    Hol' up let me get popcorns for the comment section


    Pretty keen for this. Wanted to get when ace combat 7 came out but it never happened. Thanks op


    Are there any survey sims on Xbox One?

    I guess it's near impossible with the limited buttons available.


    Are there any good flight sims on Xbox?

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    Its amazing how the price can go up over time without actually changing anything.

    I ordered the PC version of this from Amazon on 7 May 2011 for about $55 AUD delivered, still works as well!

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    i find the name thurstmaster odd


    My question is can you get something like this and use like Drive hub or cronus to convert to other platforms… BRB googling


    Xbox buttons.. poo :p

    I guess it's a good thing since games on PC seem to love to assume that we all know and understand the xbox button colours/ABXY setup.

    I'm not much of an xbox gamer (it's the least used of my three curent gen consoles) and it's an irritation to adjust to in-game PC graphics still showing xbox designations when I'm using a non-xbox controller on my PC.

    It's about time ALL manufacturers just used the SAME FRICKING BUTTON DESIGNATIONS. Even if it means Sony etc adopt the xbox ones, I don't care, just GET OVER YOURSELVES and make them the same. And whilst you're at it, make forward/backward in your operating systems be a button in the same physical place.

    Going one step further, you should be able to use any first party controller on any console. If MS/Sony/Nintendo think they've designed the best controller then you're either right and will sell heaps more of them, or you're wrong in which case stop making people miserable by forcing your crappy controller layout on them! (Joycon is obviously an exception but pro controller is not)



      If you are looking for one for pc why not get a dedicated pc one? The thrustmaster A10 Warthog one has plenty of buttons. There is 17 buttons plus 2 hats just on the throttles. The limitations on this are because the Xbox only accepts the limited button input.
      And it's each to their own. I prefer the Xbox controller to the PlayStation one. But I wouldn't use it while playing on pc. But I can't use kb and m playing the games I play on the Xbox without something like cronus, which many see as cheating on console.


        It was quite hard to express clearly. Games still love to give you the opening tutorials and config screen in xbox controller graphics when you're using a dedicated pc controller. It's infuriating. It adds a layer of mental translation that is SO frustrating.