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12 International Beer Pack for $25 @ ALDI (Excluding SA)


Saw this at my local Aldi on the weekend (Tascott, NSW). I assume it is more widely available.
Lets you try 6 different foreign beers for a good price (I like the Morretti). Brewed overseas.

2 x Corona
2 x Amstel
2 x Peroni
2 x Morretti
2 x Krombacher
2 x Urquell pilsner

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  • Do you know the best before?

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    For those playing at home and from what i can see.
    Birra Moretti
    urquell pilsner

    Urquell is the only stand out.

    • Thanks, description updated.

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      What an underwhelming selection

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    I wish us in South Australia were allowed by our nanny state to purchase alcohol from supermarkets :(

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      Ha, indeed.
      Overseas, you can often buy it from your corner store.

  • Are these the actual international ones, or locally made piss?

    • I'll check tonight.
      Aldi, so I suspect international.

      • Yes, most likely grey imports.

    • I don't think any of the beers in the pack are made locally at all.

    • Yes, brewed overseas (Germany, Italy, etc).

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    or as I like to call it, the Fosters of the World pack…

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      All the beers that the locals of the origin country don't drink as they are so bad.

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        Not really true, they all have worse beers than these. 'Local' European beers are generally pretty horrid, Heineken/Becks/Peroni etc are their Crownies, but there is a large selection of Carlton Draughts that sit underneath.

        • So true. There is a dark underbelly of the cheapest local lagers that are truly terrible.

          • @inconspicuous: They're the ones that occasionally pop up here sub-$40 a slab and everyone thinks they're onto a great thing and they have a go and it's piss. I'm thinking Lowenbrau, Bitburger, Three Horses, Hollandia… All distinctly average beers. The only ones that survive are the ones that taste like so little that alcoholics don't mind smashing them back.

            • @pdtmathieson: I don't mind Bitburger.
              Bitburger ranks No. 3 among Germany's best selling beers.

              • @lonepine: Giving no indication as to the quality. Would you rather a German-made Becks?

            • @pdtmathieson: Even those are a level above the likes of Norrlands Guld in Sweden

  • Any way to get this in Queensland?

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      Take 12 empty bottles down to your local's urinal.

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        You can already get it qld, it’s called 4X

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