When Do Easter Chocolates Go on Sale?

Is it the day after Easter (ie. Tuesday) or Wednesday?


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    Day after and some places will reduce them further each day after that.

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    When they start turning white

    • I paid full price for white chocolate.

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    when the bunnies finish their mating season

  • I've seen them (advertised as) discounted now in the supermarket.
    But they should be definitely discounted on Monday (day after Easter Sunday).

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    December 26

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    Lately I’ve noticed that the supermarkets have not had Easter chocolate reduced to cheap prices to clear after Easter. They seem to package them up and return to the distributor rather than sell off cheaply. Could just be the smaller local supermarkets that do this but I know for sure there were no cheap leftovers at my local last year

  • Earlier than Easter if there is lots of unsold stock.

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    Easter eggs usually go on sale the day after Christmas.

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    This weekend I saw virtually all the range reduced at Woolworths by about 20-30%, but take note: The last few years I have noticed that supermarkets have had less and less eggs left over and by Saturday evening shopping (Easter Saturday), everything except those awful sugar-eggs have sold, before it was even close to being reduced. I guess they order to sell, and even the crappy ones will sell out this coming weekend before the big discounts come around.

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    "When do Easter chocolates go on sale?"

    First if January silly. Same with hot x buns!

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    Some Easter chocolates reduced 50% now:


  • My local stores go reduced to clear on the Thursday before Easter. I have missed out so many times. :(

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    Apparently they found out after all these years that there is more than one church calendar in the world, that celebrates easter on different date (couple days after) so they keep pricing on for longer these days

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