out of stock 2x Aberlour 12YO Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml $69.90 (Groupon Code + New User) + Delivery @ Boozebud


Seems like they price match dan’s Murphy price.

And absolute banger deal with each bottle coming down to $34.95 (not counting delivery price and Groupon code price)

Please note however I have noticed that they start linking new account with postal address, preventing users from creating new account and sending it to the same address (god damn it)

But for new users this is a great deal.

Groupon deal

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Referee get 15% off their first order. Referrer gets $10 store credit.

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    If you can’t use the same postal address on different accounts, then I’m out!


    How do you get the groupon code?

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      you buy one … from groupon

      So you really need to add the $10 spent on Groupon to the final price in the deal….

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    Great deal OP. Don't forget Cashrewards at 7%, which tracked at $5.73. I also earned $1.72 boozebud credit for this too, which is nice. Not sure if delivery variables affect exact cashback so you may see slight differences.

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    "(not counting delivery price and Groupon code price)"

    Seriously WTF


      Delivery varies between states and Groupon code can be had cheaper than $10 depending on current promotions so ymmv. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


        There was no groupon link (there is now) and it's new customers only (I know I can probably use a new email address). All these barriers were obvious in the 1st 10 minutes, just annoying. Trying not to buy more spirits so it's actually a help. So I should be saying well done.


    Yep so shipping to Sth East Vic, + Groupon code brought the total up to $86

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    Not a bad drop. I prefer this than glenfiddich

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    How do you use two promo code?

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    "Not counting groupon + delivery"

    So, it's actually;

    Whisky: $59.95 x 2 = $119.90
    Delivery: $6.89
    Groupon: $10
    Discount: -$50

    Total = $86.79 or $43.40 ea

    So not quite the ~$34.95 ea in the title


    No more left


    codes aren't stackable


    So only 1 boozebud account per address? Or per person, per address? Ie. In a share house, 1 discount?

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