What's The Best NBN?

Stuck on Optus cable and at least 5 times a day get 1-2 hour long lag waves for months now, meaning most of the time internet is unusuable. It's HFC NBN where I live not FTTP (next month) so will I experience the same problem?


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    You'll find out after you switch

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    whats the best nbn?

    The good one


    If your happy with the price get Telstra HFC cable before the nbn arrives and get their max speed (around 100/5, I get 110/6) on all plans. For me the nbn for same price is the 50/5 which is really around 45/4 so the Telstra cable is great. I got it with no contract and free modem but not sure if that's still around. Once nbn is available you can't get Telstra cable anymore.


      Telstra won’t sell you cable if your nbn date is within 90 days.


        thats odd as there's no limitation on them to do that. Why would they refuse a customer ? I think you could push and still get it installed.

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    whats the best nbn?

    Not the one in Australia…

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    It's just adsl repackaged as nbn dude, best nbn is as true as aliens and lizard people now.

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    They are all generally the same in my experience but what you have to lookout for is if the ISP will still be around in 12 months from now to save you hassle of switching headaches and looking for a whole new ISP if it goes under.. there have been some ISP's folding in the past 12 months that have caused many Aussies some pain and heartache and lots of nuisances..

    Search top NBN plans in the speed tier you desire and pick one of the cheapest ones from a reputable brand that you have heard of or know well and that should be a good NBN provider for you

    You may get the same experience if it is really bad best to ring the ISP and then NBN co directly and complain and tell them your situation

    It may alert them to an issue in the area and it may or may not be fixed in the next couple of weeks/months/years/lifetimes

    But yeah most "NBN" is the same unless you know that you are getting an upgrade to FTTN/FTTP etc

    Hope this helps have a nice day

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    Probably Aussie Broadband to be honest. And that's coming from someone that's far from a fanboy.

    No congestion ever, they are public with the capacity of the network, reasonably aussie based customer support.


      Im with Aussie, no issues. On HFC for about 18months now. Had Telstra cable before.

      Note that Optus Cable wont be used on NBN so if you are HFC, you may get a new cable installed.


    The only “good” NBN is “good riddance” 😁


    The one that's finished.