New Tyres for Hyundai Veloster

Hi everyone,
This is the first time I'm buying new tyres for my Veloster, and since I've discovered that a few places accept Afterpay, I'm happy to pay for more than just a budget tyre.

Can anyone give advice on which tyre brand/type would be a good investment? And where is the best place to buy from? I'm on the Gold Coast.

I'm a total tyre newbie and have no idea how to choose. I want to spend about $500 all up.

I saw that TyrePower have buy 3 get 1 free on the Toyo Proxes C100 Plus (no prices listed, though). Are these any good?

Thanks for any help you can give.



    What do you use the car for? Is it just your daily driver that gets you from A to B or is it your sport(y) car that you like to take on spirited drives?


      It's my daily driver.

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        A set of Bridgestone RE003's are good. Bridgestone often has 4 for 3 sales but I'm not seeing them on for this model as of right now.

        Jax tyres appears to have Hankook Ventus tyres on for 4 for 3. Ask them for a set of Ventus S1 Evo2's.

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    You spend this much on a car and want to cheap out on tyres?

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      Easy, it's a 1.6L Hyundai… Not a G63 AMG.


        Its no AMG but its a front wheel drive turbo car that comes stock with 18s this has to be taken into consideration when buying the car. Are you really going to get average tyres for a front wheel turbo car?

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          Dude, again, I don't know anything about tyres. That's why I've made a post asking for help. Can you stop being a smart arse about it and post something of substance?


      Hence why I'm on here asking for help. I had a quick look in a tyre catalogue and mid range tyres were about $120 each, so I thought $500 was fair. I actually can't afford ANY tyres atm, so I'm thankful that some places have AfterPay.

      But thanks for your comment, buddy. Super helpful.

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    My go to for decent tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport 4, ran it on a stock V6 Commodore, and when my current tyres get low, I will put them on my Elantra.

  • +1 vote is a good first check for tyres including fitting, balancing and some add-on alignment for free too.

    You will always be able to find cheaper prices at a local store though but will need to call up everywhere.

    Standard 225/40R18 for Veloster:

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    Pirelli P-Zero… If price is no problem…

    I have used both Hankook and Khumo tyres for years on various cars and never had issues with them. Great value for money. Not so cheap they are nasty, not so expensive you’re afraid to wear them out. Really good middle of the range tyres.

    Do NOT buy Winrun. They are (fropanity) terrible. I swear that a hand carved slab of granit would be smoother and quieter then those heaps of crap.

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      Hankook and Khumo tyres for years on various cars and never had issues with them. Great value for money. Not so cheap they are nasty, not so expensive you’re afraid to wear them out. Really good middle of the range tyres

      need to be specific

      brands mean jackall

      you can get cheapass eco hard compound kumho that hummho like mad or the absolute bargain sticky ku36 brilliant soft compound tyres

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        Well, when OP tells us if they want a nice riding, long wearing touring type of tyre, or a super soft, super grippy track day based tyre, then I’ll get back to them on actual compounds and models. But for now, I’ll stick with recommending brands.

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    you want cheap cheap then get Nankang NS2 from Hackett's discount tyres in Coopers Plains.


    Get name brand like Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental etc…. Don't buy Chinese crap…..

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      I recommend Bridgestone tyres, definitely don't buy Chinese crap.

      Currently they have a 'buy 3 Ecopia tyres and get the 4th free' deal plus they have some good specials on their other tyres.

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    I put the Toyo C100+ on my daughters Honda Accord Euro. They are a touring biased tyre. They are terrible in the wet. Don't buy them.

    If you want cheap and cheerful with good grip, Kinforest KF550 are very good. They'll cost you <$500 fitted/balanced/new valves/disposal.

    My personal choice is Michelin. PS4 is the current sporty all-rounder. It will be ~$900 f/b/v/d

    Don't forget cashrewards / shopback

    Some of the recommendations so far are for touring type tyres. If you wanted that then the Primacy is the choice.

    Pirelli P-zero (all the patterns) are great for the first 50% of life then they get noisy and lose grip. I've never had good experiences with them. they are a cheap, name brand performance tyre and are cheap for a reason.

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    This is what baffles me. Why do people buy new cars, when they can't actually afford them?

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