Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Many people are buying the global version of this phone for around AU$300, which is good value if you look at the specs. Model number is M1901F7G

The controversy is around the B28 700MHz LTE frequency support.

Here are the official Global Redmi Note 7 specs claiming B28:

Here is the User Manual showing no B28:

Can anyone confirm or deny B28 on this phone?

Easiest way to check is to use https://oztowers.com.au/Home/Query to find a tower that has 4G only available on B28 (700MHz) for your carrier, e.g. Telstra. The tower must not have 4G for your carrier on any other frequency, or this test will not work. Drive up next to that tower and see if you get 4G on the phone. Some phones display "4G" , others may need you to download a frequency checker app like "LTE Discovery"



    If you worried about B28… just change ur provider to Vodafone as they dont use B28

    as these phone use them or not… and Im pretty sure there is no B28.. but for some people this is no problem

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    Easiest way to check

    Drive up next to that tower and see if you get 4G on the phone

    Seems like a lot of effort.

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      Not really. B28 is extremely useful to have (penetrates deep into buildings and has huge range for rural applications). If you bought a phone specifically for that, as I did and many others, and then found it was not as advertised, you have a case against the seller/manufacturer. I suppose if you live in a city, it may not be worth the hassle to find out. I have my phone in hand but it is still in its sealed box. As soon as I open it, resale falls, so I need someone who has already unboxed theirs to test it.

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