Recommend a Car broker for buying a new Mazda

Hi All,

Can someone recommend a good car broker for buying a new Mazda 3, dealers are all sticking to RRP ?

Appreciate any advice on this


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    Penfold in Vic

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    Head over to whirlpool. They have a forums dedicated to new car prices people have achieved, with the accessories, etc

    I believe some people maintain spreadsheets for some of this stuff, down to the dealership and salesperson.

    Maybe hold off another month. I'm led to believe EOFY is the best time to buy a car.


    Got 2 dealers to break their price in the last 2 years…in VIC

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    Don’t use Autoexpert (John Cadogan) as they just outsource your brokering to other brokers. They put me onto Georgie.

    I wanted a new, old stock, last years model Hyundai Tucson. Thought I could get a good deal on an old stocker and checked out my local dealers to get an idea of a price point. The broker came back with RRP after 4weeks of waiting.

    If you are looking at the 2019 Mazda 3 that was released a few days ago, you will be out of luck getting a deal because there will be a backlog of buyers. If you wait a few months for a demo model, you may get a deal there.


    Go when it's the last day of the month at a time and it's not busy.
    When I bought my KF CX5 GT when it first arrived in Oz in Aug 2017, the best deal I can negotiate out of all the local metro dealers (Brighton, Burwood, CBD), only Brighton would play ball and accepted my offer on a brand new, not yet manufactured car. Show up with the intention to pay a deposit and be firm (but reasonable) on your offer. For reference, my drive-away price was 10% lower than the RRP + drive away - this was when the new CX5 just got arrived in Australia.


    Worth checking out

    They will try and get you the best deal without any of the hassle that comes with dealing with dealerships directly.


    I used MotorBuys about 4 years ago, was very happy with the deal I got when local dealers wouldn't move off RRP.


    Where are you located? If in Vic, PM me and I will send you the name of my contact at Mulgrave Mazda. He gave me a really good price when I last purchased.


    Just bought a new Mazda CX-5 and got a very good price from Mazda dealer in NSW. PM me if you are in NSW.