Transferring Old Phone to Android Oreo Phone

Hi all,

Just transferring my old Sony Experia to a Nokia with Android Oreo.

Tried to use the restore / back up features. Nothing came across except my calendar (no contacts, photos, sms, nothing).

Any tips here? (i've done my contacts with .vcf file). Photos I might have to do manually on a desktop ?


The SMS Android Oreo app is rubbish. I can't delete multiple messages from within the same thread?? Any suggestion for a basic SMS app (to keep size down)without any fancy customisations that allows multiple SMS deletion within the same thread. Similar to the Sony what I have would be ideal.

Looks like my Viber images will come across, but videos wont.

Using Nova Prime for the launcher.

Any other tips for the transferring across to the new OS.




    sync google accounts on old phone then log in on new phone


      Only thing that came across was my Gmail and calendar.

      I noticed on the Play store on Oreo it has "contacts" at the top. No "contacts" listed on the Play store on old phone (Xperia running kitkat).

      Maybe the contacts and photo app is Sony based and won't sync across. Might try installing Google photos or whatever it is on old phone and try again.

      But Chrome should work, but doesn't (bookmarks, open tabs etc would be great)?


        you might not have that stuff set to sync on the old phone. check your settings

        you should be able to see your contacts from the old phone within gmail on pc, if its synced. its an old feature, been around forever on every android phone including sony


          Only contacts in Gmail are email contacts. No phone number contacts ?


            @tunzafun001: Exactly. You haven't synced contacts to google. You should see all your phone numbers in

            Try following this, or find something similar
            Both phones need to be set to sync

            Also you should be using Google Photos with the high quality, unlimited storage setting to sync all your photos. get it from play store, let it sync on the old phone, and then you can see the photos on the new phone. They will be online, not actually transferred. But that means you can see them on a PC, and don't have to worry about ever losing your phone or running out of space. And it sits in the background uploading new photos you take too


              @crentist: Phone running kitkat has always been set to backup and sync enabled. I had a look in that contacts link you included. Only my contacts with emails included are listed. The other 200 odd numbers don't come across. Maybe kitkat is no longer compatible with google backup.


    Does Google "Messanging"
    not work well…?


    There's an SMS app, that
    lets you schedule send-
    times… "Pulse" I think

    It's worth a look + try.


      Went with textra. Trying to do a cloud sync with quickpic .. getting error messages logging into the cloud.

      Edit. Installed Google photos. Horrible app. Gave up. I'll transfer them across manually.


      +1 for Pulse.

      Lets you delete messages with one click rather than a a confirmation prompt.

      Allows you to block messages by phrase/keyword. This is useful for spam/phising messages you get from senders without a phone number.

      Look at Titanium Backup for transferring data.

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