Where to Buy Replacement Battery for Old Laptop

Hi there,

I was looking to replace the battery in my Sony Vaio Pro 13 laptop. It’s about 6 years old but still works fine, just needs a new battery.

Is there any reputable online stores for genuine laptop batteries?

I checked http://www.betterbatt.com.au/ but they don’t seem to have the right model.

I’m trying avoid buying a generic one off ebay so it will hopefully last longer than a couple months and won’t set itself on fire.




    Could try ask Sony if they still stock them. Six years though…


      Unfortunately Sony stopped making laptops in 2014 like 6 months after I got it lol. So I don’t reckon they’d have any kicking around.

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    Buy the generic one off ebay.


    Just buy a new laptop. A couple reasons why. You have a specific model of laptop and do not state the exact model in your question, so you are looking for a general answer that could solve battery issues for every six-year-old Vaio Pro 13. Additionally, you are not taking easy suggestions like "ask Sony" and actually contacting them (https://web.sony-asia.com/au/contact-us/), which can be done in a few seconds.


      I think I’ve found a local store that has one on their ebay page so I’ll check in there tomorrow.

      Otherwise, I’ll give Sony a call as you suggest. Last ditch effort before having to fork out for a new one.

      Any suggestions on a new laptop?

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