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Recently purchased a Techfast computer and am really happy with it. It came with unactivated Windows so I used a legit product key I had from a different PC to activate it.

I decided to run Windows Defender Offline virus scan because I'm paranoid - it picked up something called a Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C which it listed as a severe threat.

Can anyone else who has purchased a Techfast commuter that came with Windows pre-installed run the same scan and please advise if they were infected with the same problem?

I'm not trying to imply anything - I'd just like someone else to test and advise because I'm trying to work out how I picked this up.

Many thanks.

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    It could be a false positive but at the same time it could be malicious software that somehow got installed alongside motherboard / driver utilities etc. ASUS software updater for example was found to spread malware due to a hacked server, so if your computer had an ASUS motherboard it could've been affected and requires patching.

    If you don't want to debug, you can just what most people do — reformat and reinstall windows from scratch, since it's a new PC you shouldn't have much data to backup anyway.

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    Why would you ever trust an operating system installed by someone else, always install it yourself, it would be the epitome of stupidity to do otherwise. Do you trust everything people you dont even know do in real life ? propably not.

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      …Not sure if you're being serious, but the majority of computers sold at normal retailers come preinstalled with Windows.

      Also the second part of your argument has shades of the "epitome of stupidity" you reference. Do you not trust the pilot flying your plane? The manufacturer that built your car? The postman who delivered your letters?

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        Not sure if you're being serious

        Yes, that the point, you don't know if the supply chain has been hijacked.

        If you knew anything about computer security you'd know that installing the OS is something you want to be in control of.


        Do you not trust the pilot flying your plane?

        Planes crash because of pilot error. Would you get the pilot drunk before you flew though? (or install your own OS …)

        The manufacturer that built your car?

        You mean the industry that has product recalls because of defects and cheats the emission regulation rules?

        The postman who delivered your letters?

        Postmen have opened the mail before.

        All the strawmen in the world aren't going to change the fact that installing an OS yourself is more secure than somebody unknown doing it. There are many examples of malicious software being shipped in preinstalled systems.


    I'm not trying to imply anything

    Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C is able to invade PC by numerous means, such as the attachment of spam emails, the porn websites