Bypass Paywalls for Firefox, Chrome

This extension is available of GitHub again and allows free access to prominent news outlets, including Bloomberg, The Economist, Financial Times, Foreign Policy, New Statesman, The Age, The Australian Financial Review, The Nation, The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. The add-on works best alongside uBlock Origin.



    I havent tested it yet but youre doing gods work thank you
    not sure if you can advertise something like this in the forum though…

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        Conflating journalism and Buzzfeed. LOL.

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          There are a large number of people that still trust mainstream news still despite it being against their interests.

          You know, the kind of idiots that are cheering on Julian Assange being prosecuted while crying for jagoff stenographers like Jim Acosta and watching The Press Club Luncheon …

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            @Diji1: I'm curious what non-mainstream news organisation passes your bar of journalistic integrity.


            @Diji1: you know only bigger idiots call others idiots because the idiots are gaining knowledge thus the bigger idiots realise they will become extinct sooner that they realise

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          Buzzfeed News is a legitimate news site. They're broken huge stories like the Russia Dossier, and have headhunted reporters from the likes of the WSJ. Oh, and they have Pulitzer noms; and no, it wasn't for their 'which Game of Thrones character are you?' quiz.

          Buzzfeed is an example of how even a young company with a savvy SEO strategy is getting hammered because there's no money in digital news. Same happening at HuffPo and Vice. Go back further, and see layoffs at local newsrooms like Fairfax. Print journalism is dead, and digital isn't keeping up. There's not enough money in online advertising and people don't like paywalls. But sure, zero in on Buzzfeed.



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    There's also

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      Unfortunately a few websites in OP's list don't work with Outline :( Would be much easier than sideloading an extension.


      I used outline last week and it still worked on The Australian and AFR.

      However, I also knew at one time it didn't work as if they clamped it but now that many people are using another way, this method suddenly works again.

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    I had an extension long ago that was similar to this called 'Anti-Paywall'. It's good to see this one being updated and covering a lot more local Aussies sites. Real shame Google would never let these in the app store though.


    Can you add BrisbaneTimes?


    Anyone got any tips for this to work? I have loaded the extension, enabled it on all sites however when I go to a site it still says to login or sign up.

    Any ideas?

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