$60 off (Min Spend $110) @ William Painter Sunglasses


I just placed an order for a pair of William Painter Level titanium sunglasses and found a code for $60 off $110 (BRITTANYLOVESYOU).

They also are currently throwing in an extra soft case when purchasing certain sunglasses.

Not sure when code expires.

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    What an interesting coupon name!


      Yeah, I thought so too. Just checked the wacky order confirmation email and there is another code (SebastianTheEagle) below a clapping Shia LaBeouf gif for $40 off any order off any order over $100.

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    Can vouch for great service from William Painter for anyone wary of ex-kickstarter products (maybe their titanium sunnies were the only KS product not the whole company)- had a pair of their titanium sunnies from their kickstarter, lasted forever and were great to wear but then I lost them in a plane crash. Emailed them because they say on their website that although it's not warrantied for losing sunglasses, they give a discount to buy a new pair, which I was happy to do. Next thing I knew they sent me out a new pair absolutely free! Still wear them happily to this day.

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      whoa whoa whoa what? You lost them in a plane crash? Tell me more about the plane crash!!

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        I know right. Who cares about the sunglasses in this story..

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          this could be one of the best tales I ever read here. hope we get more details!

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            @swings: hahah thanks for the interest… i've got my private pilots licence and flew often, but unfortunately I took off one day and the engine gave up just after take off (not my fault but cause never fully determined) and I had to make an emergency landing in a field just off the airport… if you wanna see pics just google "Camden plane crash 2017".. happy to answer any questions you may have haha i can appreciate its quite a unique experience to have.


    I've had my pair for nearly 2 years and they are going strong! They don't get looked after and there's still no scratches on them. I will buy them again, if or when I finally lose them. When they say "lifetime warranty" they obviously mean it as I think I'll lose them prior to damaging them.

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    So there's two prices levels: $239 and $167

    The more expensive price allows a choice from a wide range of styles and colour combinations, the cheaper price has three choices.

    Every order recieves a bonus hard case free.

    Just got a pair of sunnies with lifetime warranty for $107, cheers OP! The Luxottica scammers make sunglasses to last a year …


      luxotica make some great products, my ray ban with glass lenses, not plastic have been going for 6 years now ….. cost me $160 discounted ….. reason mobile phone screen is glass is because it’s scratch resistant, reason not many sunglasses are glass is because it’s expensive….shatter resistance, how many people get hit in the eye with a sledge hammer, unlikely.
      luxotica stuff is always on sale.


      NB cheaper ones aren’t polarised


      How did you get to $107? I can't seem to get to that low a price…

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