South East Asia Fresh Food Markets - What Do Locals Pay Compared to Tourists?

Watching some of the many youtube fresh market and street food videos in Thailand and Vietnam, I would really appreciate information on what the locals really pay for fresh seafood versus the tourist prices. Sometimes tourists in Thailand are paying 1800 Baht a kilo for admittedly nice prawns/shrimp, but that is crazy expensive ($80 a kilo). One restaurant video has giant freshwater prawns that cost about $70 for 700g. They look fabulous but that is crazy expensive.

Medium Freshwater Prawn 300g US$25 each actual, comments say US$4-8 would have been local price. Elsewhere a famous vlogger gets 10 very nice prawns for US$11.40 a kilo.
Giant Freshwater Prawn Restaurant price $70 for a 700g
Large Lobster/Rainbow Crayfish size 1kg+ 4300 PHP per kilo (more than $100)

I think it's reasonable for tourists to pay a premium of maybe 20% over locals, but maybe things are getting silly. Any local information would be appreciated and interesting to me. It's strange watching these videos and many times seafood prices are better in Australia.


  • Dual menu/pricing is everywhere from SEA to Hawaii. You're charged whatever they think you'll pay.

    I think it's reasonable for tourists to pay a premium of maybe 20% over locals, but maybe things are getting silly.

    Is your salary only 20% more than a Thai's? Tourists will always get charged more, it's just part of life. Those Thai fishmongers likely have higher operating costs like rent than those selling solely to locals in less-trafficked shops, they might even be paying protection money for access to the tourist train.

    • I'm trying to get a better understanding as the super food vloggers paint such a fake picture. Their videos can get 2 million hits, the best ones are on more than a million bucks a year and they couldn't care less about the cost or overpaying as they make comfortably more per video than the overpriced cost of the meal. For my own situation, if I know it's a tourist ripoff I would keep looking elsewhere. There are strips of tourist restaurants in Hua Hin that the locals wouldn't touch and are often empty waiting for suckers. Australia exports 95% of it's premium rock lobsters to China yet the price here is still cheaper than Manila?

  • I am interested in the answer.
    I know closer to home the local toy shop in our tourist town offers locals a 20% discount on their otherwise inflated prices.
    I have seen pictures translated from Thai that show different prices for tourists and locals for services.
    One of the reasons I travel is because different places have different advantages, like cheap seafood or tasty street vendors. If I can get better prices due to a tip from another forum user, I would like to get it.