How Long Does JB Hi-Fi Hold on to Click and Collect Orders for?

Had a look through JB's website for this, but couldn't find their policy. Other stores hold onto them for a while, e.g. Harvey Norman holds click and collects for 21 days before refunding them.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


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    1 sec i'll call them for you and find out

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      that was 26 mins ago, guess you are still on hold! 🙃

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        On hold as a Click and Collect order? Lets see how long they keep Godric on hold for.

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        I'll call to ask how long they're gonna keep Godric on hold for.

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      wHat dId JB sAy wHeN yOu aSkeD tHeM?

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    Is it too hard for you to ring up JB Hi Fi to find out Instead of asking people here ?

    • Gen Y; own a smartphone though never actually made a phonecall with one!

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