Cashback for stores with fake RRPs that automatically apply discounts via codes?

For example, CashRewards state a 31.5% cashback for Rocket Languages - but with the stipulation common to many cashback sites that "Cashback will not be paid if a coupon code is used that is not listed on this site."

However following Rocket Languages for a while, they never sell at the crossed out price and always have a major discount shown on their pricing page. They apply this price reduction via a coupon code applied automatically to your cart.

So by the book, I would think cashback would be denied.

But I can't say I've ever seen the 'discount' offered by Rocket Languages to be less than the CR cashback. So I question the point of cashback for such places if that is indeed the case.

I have asked CR directly, but being holidays don't expect to hear back until Rocket Languages Easter promotion offer reverts back to their normal discount.

But would like to know generally too as it's not the first time I haven't been sure about this.

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    Why not just take the gamble and buy anyway? If you don’t get the cash back did you really lose?


      After doing some of the trial lessons, I feel the course is overpriced without the cashback - $280 after their discount. Another 31.5% off is getting more reasonable and would probably see me purchase it.


    TA got back to me (totally didn't expect response on Easter Monday) and cleared it up. I hope he doesn't mind me quoting his response:

    "Unfortunately, they will not commission us any sales for coupon use unless it's specifically listed on Cashrewards. As an example, I can see that currently EASTER is advertised on their site as a valid code, however they have not told us that we can have this code on our site. Reason is likely that they don't want to provide a discount at checkout, then a further discount in the form of Cashback. I apologise I'm not able to give you better news on this occasion. "


    Just wondering if anyone knows if Agoda is the same deal, Agoda seems to automatically apply a coupon code "24HOURSALE" at checkout, this coupon isn't a 24 hour sale at all and seems be applied every time. The code doesn't appear on cash rewards. Will this cash back be paid out in this case?

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