Dyson Parts Discount?

Will dyson parts ever go on sale? If so, where to get? Thanks in advanced. I am after the Articulating hard floor tool.


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    ebay, get a knock off.



      I had to buy the bottom hose for an upright dyson. Got it off ebay for $12 delivered. Genuine dyson part was $45

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    When Dyson has a sale online, its normally only on "acessories" not "parts".

    Source: been waiting a few years for parts from a display model purchased at Master closing down sale.


    Will dyson parts ever go on sale?

    No /thread


    Which part are you after?


    Its worth calling or using their online chat and checking prices. I had to buy a replacement battery and wand for my stick and so started chatting to them online to order. When the consultant put in the code for the wand it showed as $35, yet the website was $50. I ordered and paid with CC and it turned up two days later. Can't fault that service.

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