expired Lapel Collar Chiffon-Like Shirt, Placket Cotton Shirt, Hooded Polyester Coat USD $7.84 (~AUD $10.99) Delivered @ Grace Karin

  1. Casual Long Sleeve Side Split Hooded Polyester Coat Tops with Full Zipper
    Price before code: $26.99
    Discount: 70% off
    price after code: $ 8.1
    Promo code: 70TOP

  2. Long Sleeve Lapel Collar Comfortable Chiffon-Like Shirt Tops
    Price before code: $ 27.12
    Discount: 71% off,
    price after code: $ 7.87
    Promo code:SSHT

  3. Women's Solid Color Office Long Sleeve Button Placket Cotton Shirt Tops
    Price before code: $ 27.99
    Discount: 72% off
    price after code: $7.84
    Promo code:BBTD

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Grace Karin
Grace Karin


  • +3 votes

    Code not working


    Only Small size left on the coat and code doesn't work. Wowza

  • +1 vote

    I had to cancel my mastercard and lodge a fraud case as the PAYPAL seller *YINYINGJIE" charged my card $187 without any reason. I contacted Grace Karin via Facebook and did not get any response.

    WILL NEVER BUY and WILL NEVER RECOMMEND. Thye are just collecting data by using such bargain and then stealing money

    • +1 vote

      You just registered the account 2 hours ago. I don't think you bought our products. If you bought our product, please send your order number. YINYINGJIE is not our paypal name. And we did not receive your messages via Facebook.


        So how do i add screenshots here ? I will share for all to see, YOU DONT THINK I BOUGHT YOUR PRODUCTS , based on what ? Total sham.


      Nah it's ok, use paypal just in case though. Bought a few times from them.


    Dont worry , i have raised a case with mastercard, i can see YINGYINGJIE in my paypal account when i bought following previous Grace Karin link.

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