This was posted 3 years 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Earth Choice All in One Dishwasher Tablets (42 pack) $11.30 @ Coles

870's highest rated dishwashing detergent/tablet.

Normally $16.20 at Coles, so represents a saving of $4.90. Equates to 27c per wash.

It's on page 35 of the catalogue starting 24/4, however the price has already been updated online.

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  • Is Earth Choice Australian made and owned?

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    Do it… don't be an earth wally

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    Cheapest I've seen previously was $11 at woolies in Dec 2018

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    I don't agree with Choice's rating, I think these are ok but about on the level of Finish Classic.

    • I question most of their reviews. I wish I didn't.
      But reviews are opinions, not facts.

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        I thought they test them?

        If so I would put this in the fact category and not opinion but then again just an opinion.

        • They test, and form an opinion. The results are scores, based on their criteria/preferences.

          Not like "grams of debris removed" (made up criteria)… A comparable number, I'd call a fact.

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      Aldi and these are by far the best tablets IME.

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      About the same as Finish Quantum I think but routinely much cheaper

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      At least these ones aren't tested on rabbit's eyes and other unnecessary stuff.

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      2nd this, equivalent of fin classic or worse for me, nowhere near fin q or fin qu. I overcomitted on the 1st deal i saw for these based on reviews, and regretted it. Ymmv

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      Isn’t Finish Ultimate the best? That’s my experience so far.

    • <I think these are ok but about on the level of Finish Classic.

      Far from it. Finish leaves a white film, and doesn't clean as well.

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    ALDI any day of the week.

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      I found that the ALDI ones sometimes does not fully disolve after the wash.

      • That was sometimes a problem with our old Smeg but never had an issue with the Siemens

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          Smeg, Siemens… Always leaves a stain.

      • I found that happens with my Finish Quantum, doesn't happen with Earth Choice

    • Yep. Best bang for buck on the market.

    • Which ones?

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      I've found the Coles ultra tablets to be very good.

      • I think Choice has
        1. Earth Choice
        2. Aldi
        3. Coles Ultra

      • I have been using Earth Choice ones at home for a while and find them pretty good. Recently was on holidays and bought Coles ultra to use at the place we were staying at and found them to be pretty good. Brought them home and found the Coles tablets to be equal to the EC in my home dishwasher, and a lot cheaper.

  • I think these are the better than various Finish Quantum's flavours I've tried. Sometimes the red 'powerball' doesn't dissolve for me with the finish ones.

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    These are excellent tablets. Haven't looked anywhere else for about a year since starting to use these. Great deal too.

  • I find that all dishwashing powder are the same.

    Its usually the dishwasher itself (in terms of water & heat used) and the way items are stacked inside the dishwasher that makes a difference.

    I also find that you can do away with dishwashing powder and rinse aid completely altogether (chemical free wash) if you just run it at max setting (highest heat and rinse setting). Everything comes out nice & clean.

  • How much is aldi platinum one again?

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    Guys check out Coles ultra.

    Otherwise DIY recipes also work quite well.

    I use vinegar as rinse aid.

    Bosch serie 6 dishwasher usually on 1 hour cycle. Medium soiling.

  • Canstar ratings for dishwasher tablets
    1st Fairy
    2nd ALDI Logix
    3rd Earth Choice
    4th Finish
    5th Morning Fresh
    6th Woolworths Select
    7th Coles
    8th Coles Ultra

  • One thing I've noticed using these versus the high-end, hardcore Finish tablets is that these seem to be more gentle (less abrasive) on non-stick pans. I've 'only' been testing for about a year so I suppose it's still only early days but yeah we found the stronger and more 'feature packed' Finish tablets we kept upgrading to over time the shorter the lifespan of the non-stick coating on our pans. I suppose time will tell…

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