FSM Smart - Is a SCAM

Dear All, I've recently received a call from FSM Smart. Now I'm not sure if they obtained my numbers from one of the contest here in OzB as I've participated in a few recently. So I'm just listing it here in case any of you come across this calls.

I have his app call TrueCaller which usually warns me who is calling but on this occasion it did not detect their caller ID.

I decided to play along to see their tactics and sound like someone that is interested and gullible. (I've also had some time to spare while I surfed the net, so away we chatted.)

  • They claimed they're from "Switzerland" but one of them was clearly a filipino and another Caucasian called Gus.
  • They're not registered with ASIC but they claim they do. They even had what ASIC stood for. In fact ASIC labels them as "could be involved in a SCAM".
  • They're selling this so called tool which can predict and automate trades in forex and stock exchange.
  • The tool they're selling is automated trading bots which you can never loose. "Their clients make $600 per week" "This is so easy anyone can start up"
  • They tried every trick in the book to make them sound trust worthy and friendly, even predicting my star sign (wrongly).
  • They were pushy to get me "registered" or "activated" with a one time fee of $250 which is whole "refundable"
  • They're were name dropping Australian banks because you know….they're in the business.
  • Pushy to get credit cards and for some reason they preferred mastercard as they had a promotion for $50 extra money. I generated mastercard online with a due date and they knew it was a credit card based in Japan (even I was impressed), the card generator said it was from Malaysia.
  • I was like how can it be from Japan, I'm living here, I just bought something of Amazon.
  • All the time I was operating with a fake name and all they had was my phone number but was quick to ask for my DOB and postcode.
  • They were insistent for me to say "I consent" to proceed with the charges even though they were fumbling with the generated credit card provided, with fake cvv number.
  • This is where Filipino lady started to get very agitated "Sir it is our duty to protect you in these transactions" and "I've been working in this company for 15 years"
  • Expletives followed and this call was ended.

In summary, these filth are operating and actively calling Australians everyday. They pick on those who has lost money (like how I portrayed), those who are gullible, those who know a tiny bit on trading but not too much and most of all the pick on the very kind well mannered Aussies. As soon as I started playing along as if I trusted them, they begun showering me with "trust us" crap, "you're very careful and you should" etc etc.

Anyway I wasted a good 45 minutes of them trying to beg me to give them another credit card. I also realized that in a way I "wasted" my time entertaining them but I was also online shopping and surfing on OzB. Maybe this is community service, the time lost from their end is a gain to protect someone else that could have been a victim.

Scams like these do not often fall for the educated and skeptical people, but the older generations, those in desperate situations. Towards the end of the call, I revered in their frustrations and agitation. Maybe this is just an accidental community service.


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    Anyway I wasted a good 45 minutes of them….

    And you've just wasted a whole lot more of your time writing up this essay!

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      week long holidays…yeah I know. Just want to this out there. The more people know, the more they can warn their love ones and friends.


        I know what you're saying. Unfortunately, I think the people who are likely to fall for these scams are also not the type to go online and do the research before sending their hard earned cash away.

        As harsh as it sounds, some people will need to learn the hard way.


    what number were they calling from?

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    Check out the comments, definitely dodgy AF. Disturbing to think someone would hand over so much money from a cold call.

    Thanks, OP

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    thank you for your community service!

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    One of the Married at first sight TV contestants is facing aggravated fraud charges for what sounds like exactly that kind of software telemarketing. Search for Dan Webb fraud.

    PS I think you meant 'revelled' rather than 'revered' near the educated bit. :p


    Thanks op!

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    They pick on those who has lost money (like how I portrayed), those who are gullible, those who know a tiny bit on trading but not too much and most of all the pick on the very kind well mannered Aussies.

    So you met the kind of scumbag on the phone that people usually meet when they go and meet their's bank's financial planner.


    Hey I have been had for 2100usd. i did not research before i engaged with them. it appears quite well documented now that i look . we should facebook this to save peoples lives as they may suicide . regarding their process , as soon as you refuse to invest more your money dissolves behind your back when you are not watching. and then they may credit you for further enticement . its a false platform i think. so you bet against the company and the account managers know their profit targets and work towards enlightening you and them taking it all away. none of the platforms can be trusted.


      hey there…did you come here through a google search? you're a new member about the same time you posted this. how could you have lost $2100…. did they cold call you as well?

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