1050ti / 1650 / Navi - Low-Profile Half-Height 75w Max Graphic Cards

I sold the gt740 that came with the Opti 9010. - Probably a mistake
And just found out how crappy the market is.

1050Ti LP still over $200 after how many years
1650 LP close to $300 but inferior to RX570 that has seen $150 here
RX570 requires 6pin / no LP version
RX560 LP nowhere to be seen
Navi only lands in August
1650 Ti will launch soon
1030 GDDR5 lowest was $84 from MSY
No cheap 750Ti LP on ebay

Which one is best bang for buck, or should i wait further?



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    GT740 😝

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    Check gumtree. There should be plenty of GTX 750 TI's (no more GTX 650-LP).

    However, it's surprising to hear that there's a shortage of GTX 1050 TI's, maybe that's a testament to its quality/people not wanting to rid them.

    Maybe hold on for 3-6 weeks, there's a good chance the GTX 1650-LP will be faster and come in at an acceptable price/availability.


    I'm in a similar boat as you and wanted to get a low profile graphics card, but the most powerful I have found with a 75W limit is the 1050Ti. The 1650 is not a big enough jump in performance over the 1050Ti for what i'm after.

    I'm waiting on the next GPUs from Nvidia/AMD that are fabbed on the 7nm process, so hopefully I can get something close to double the 1050Ti but at the same wattage in low profile.

    Not much else out there that is performance and low profile really, but if you do find a good one let me know!

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