[eBay Account Suspended] BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug 3.5L with 4x MAXTRA+ Filters White US$14.18 (AU$19.99) @ eBay USA

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You can buy from eBay AU site here
Direct link can't be posted on the main link as the seller is not a Top Rated seller.

Was originally searching for the best Maxtra filter deals and came across this BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug 3.5L with 4 x MAXTRA+ Filters (White) for only US$14.18 (AU$19.99). This was the perfect option as I have also been thinking about upgrading my jug size from 1.5L.

With ShopBack's 1% cashback, works out to be AU$4.95 per filter with a free 3.5L jug.
P.S. no GST charged for purchasing this item either :)


Item location: QLD (free shipping)
Seller Rating: 100% Positive so far (based on 339 ratings)
Qty: >10 available

Happy filtering :)

Mod: OP has attempted to bypass our restrictions on eBay and in turn the eBay sale turns out to be a possible hacked account. Republished as forum post for those who purchased item.

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    Is the ebay US link just to get 20c in Cashback?


    I paid $54 for this just two weeks ago! Great deal!!


    Be aware, this is the XL version and won't fit in your fridge door


    Awesome deal! Thanks OP. Undercounter water filter just broke, perfect replacement until I start repairs!

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    Any chance of this being counterfeit? as I found it's weird that this seller is selling only this single item, nothing else.

    The 339 ratings are probably other sellers left for him/her as a Buyer.

    I listed my first listing on eBay this week. My account also has 100% positive with 321 ratings.

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      You have to start any business from scratch right? Maybe this seller negotiated a great deal with the supplier in order to sell at this price.

      Pay with PayPal if you are worried. Buyer's protection is awesome with PayPal.

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        Thanks for posting this deal. I always pay with PayPal.

        The concern here is more about health issue as not being able to know whether they're genuine or counterfeit low quantity, toxic filters.

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    I don't see any reason to go through eBay US, link works fine in AU.


    Having said that, this is more than 50% off from stores and other AU sellers on eBay and I would definitely purchase with caution.

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    OP, why didn't you list it directly to the product instead of putting it in the description?

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      It wouldn't let me… or maybe I was doing it incorrectly. Still quite new to this Ozbargain posting πŸ˜…

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      Alright, here we go.

      I like to give people benefit of the doubt, but there are just too many things wrong with this post.

      • Poster has ebay.com as the deal, and posted the deal separately in the description. If you look at the revision, this is the ONLY thing that has been changed.
      • Poster has LISTED the ebay item number in the title of the deal. Which could possibly mean they know it will be unposted, but people will still be able to get to the deal.
      • Few people have mentioned in the comments that the deal is available on eBay AU, but poster has been ignoring them.

      Now for the actual eBay seller

      • Seller has 0 feedback as seller and this is the ONLY product they are selling.
      • No ABN, lack of details
      • As mentioned in the comments, this is A LOT cheaper than retail, or other eBay stores. The price sounds too cheap to be true.
      • Purchases for this product only starter this morning, so this is a new listing (possibly a hacked eBay account)
      • and finally… which individual even have this many BRITA Jugs to sell? 63 sold in one hour. More than 10 available???

      Buy with caution.

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        The eBay AU link cannot be posted because the seller is not a Top Rated seller

        Agree, this looks fishy & more likely a hacked account. Please report the deal so the mods can have a look & take it down.

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        Very thorough there CodeXD. Although, rather than making assumptions, I think you should check for the facts before commenting. This post may not be posted correctly as I am still quite new to posting bargain deals on here so still learning… 1st eBay deal I've posted. So what I've posted is genuinely what I found as a bargain and I am in no association with the seller in any way. Don't like it, don't trust it, don't buy it. For those of us who've chosen to take the gamble, please make sure you pay via PayPal to cover yourself, just in case :)


        also looking at the logos depicted the photos seem to have been lifted from the actual brita australia store…

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    Bought one. Thanks OP.

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    Brought one too. Thanks

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    Bought one, but after second thought submitted cancel order via ebay. Was initially going to buy it for the refills, but hey if it to good to true, it’s probably is. $20 including shipping is just too fishy, the jug alone cost more than that.
    edit just cancelled payment via paypal.

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    Life is a gamble.

    Sometimes you get a dirt cheap water filter and other times you are initiating a Paypal dispute.

    I'm up for the ride to see where this takes me.


    …57 sold in the last hour out of a total of 83…seems like only ozbargainers are buying this? 0 feedback as a seller brand new listing etc
    im suss …i'll pass



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    Listing has been removed. Hmm

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    Instant pass from me. Listing has also been removed. Know when you're being scammed, people.

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    Just got an email from ebay saying that a 3rd party had gotten hold of the sellers account and you should ask for a refund. Thank god i paid via Pay Pal!

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    I reported to eBay to check and the listing now has been removed completely


    Anyone have problems getting a refund?


    rip those who got scammed….

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