This was posted 10 years 8 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Panasonic VIErA 54" FULL-HD Digital Plasma TV THP54V20A G13 Neo for $999 (RRP $1999


Similar deal to the one i posted the other day is on again at 2nds World. Read a lot of reviews who bought from them in the past and almost all feedback was positive. Most people have said that TV's they bought from them had only some minor carton damage or minor scratch marks on the stand, but otherwise a fully functional TV which comes with 12 months manufacturers warranty and 3 years extended warranty for $209 is also available. Delivery to Sydney metro is $45 or free pickup for Sydney metro area is also available.
Exclusive online offer only and only while stocks last and if previous sales are anything to go by, they will sell out pretty quickly.

Some other panels available:


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  • Woah, is this as good as it seems, guys?

    • Yes it is. These guys have these Panasonic sales every now and then and I've read many posts and reviews from people on Whirlpool and other forums who have bought one from them and I'm yt to read a negative post about it. The worse I've read is that one person had some minor scratches on the stand, but otherwise a fully functional TV with full manufacturer's warranty. Most people who bought one from them have received their panels without as much as a scratch anywhere on the panel, so in other words, a brand new TV.
      If previous sales are anything to go buy, these will sell out in a matter of hours.
      Shame they still don't have 65" which is what I'm after.

      • allyemil, u still after the 65"? I know someone who might be able to help. Let me know the following:
        1. Which brand/model u after?
        2. Cheapest price so far and where?
        3. How much (realistically) u hoping to get it for?

        • Hey mate, thanks for that, but unfortunately because of the physical dimensions of the 65" Panasonic VT20A, i might be forced to downsize a bit, so I'm leaning toward either 59" D8000 Samsung series (plasma) or 60" D8000 Samsung series (LED). I have to measure the 65" VT20A from side to side and top to bottom including the TV frame and see if i can fit it onto the wall where i intend to hang it up on, but i think it might be too big for that wall.

        • If it's too big for that wall…. you sure it isn't too big for your viewing distance?

        • No worries. When you've done the measure let me know which model is the front runner as well as points 2 and 3 coz Im not uptodate with the latest pricing on 60"+ inch models, so I can see if the contact is quoting me a really good price.

        • I would be interested in a 65" Panasonic. Where do you know of that has them?

        • @wisepage, not one specific source but a number of them. I have access to a network of chaps who basically find the best price and let me know for these bigger ticket items. I knew allyemil had been looking for a 65" for a while thats why i offered. If you really are keen on a 65" pana then let me know the answers to my 3 points above and I'll find out for you.

        • Private message sent

  • There's some nice prices right there. Also, the site has a seriously cool shipping calculator - press the "check delivery cost" link at the bottom of the product details, a popup appears and you key in your postcode, and it gives the price. This should be the standard that other sites need to learn from - not require you to register (type in your email twice, create yet another password, confirm the account, etc).

    Also, shipping is very reasonable. It quoted me $38.50 from Sydney to Melbourne, while Clive Peeters charged me $40 from their warehouse to my home, 15 kilometres. Well done 2ndsworld!

    • Wait so delivery to Melbourne from Sydney is cheaper than delivery from Sydney to Sydney?… that ain't right.

  • The model is appears to be THP54V20A, OP please change the heading. Still a good price.

    • Oops, sorry about that. Fixed now.

      • Don't think its 3d either!?!?

  • -1

    This isn't 3D, miss leading title…I'll give you a negative.

    • But is it a good deal? I don't think the poster is trying to mislead you - and I don't think negging for a misleading title is good form - neg the deal if it's bad, not for a bad title!

      • +1

        It's still a good deal, but I agree with kevin22. People will be coming into this thread with the understanding of looking at a 3D TV. I won't give a neg, but mods should really change.

        • I agree- I thought it was the VT20 (which is the model up and has 3D) when I first read the title. $999 is an average price for a TV which has been super-seeded. They were going for a similar price new and unblemished in March and the VT20 was selling for as low as $1,200 at the same time.

    • Kevin22 work with us to make the site better - why not follow njninjar's lead and use the REPORT button.

      A simple error fixed and everyone benefits.

      Mods look at reports first, we haven't got time to look at all posts with negative votes.

      Use the right tool for the right action and we all gain and the site improves - thanks

      • +1

        Thanks for that mate. Didn't realise that, so it was a simple case of just a mistake, definitely no intention to mislead someone. It is stupid to assume that i intended to mislead someone as i gain nothing out of it anyway.

        • cool a few secs editing - I'll take the cost out of your next pay ;-)

          Thats what the report button is for, so we can fix silly mistakes

  • Thanks for this I went with the THP54S20A for $849, is there any drawbacks on this model against the $999 one?

    • I believe the V model is suppose to have better blacks.

      • Ok thanks, I wanted a no frills 54inch plasma THP54S20A will do me fine methinks.

        • Will still absolutely kill any LCD/LED panel for black level. A great unit at this price, no question about that.

    • I bought a THP50S20A from Clive Peeters for $970 odd about 2 months ago and it's great. It doesn't have any built in features like Skype or IPTV (it can play AVCHD format movies and .jpg/jpeg photos from SD card though it's hardly a great feature), but it is a nice picture, and has an excellent viewing angle. I should have waited!

  • dammit I was about to buy 54V20A and they're sold out

  • The Viera range, imo, is probably one of the best out there, if not the best. Out of the plasmas/LCDs I've researched (before purchase) and used, Panasonic's line is consistently great.

    I'd buy this if I didn't already have one (which I paid a bit more for unfortunately :P).

  • Sold Out :(

  • Thanks OP, got the TH-P54S20A earlier.

    Gather it's also a Neo, this convinced me, "Neo Plasma is television beyond anything you’ve seen before"

    ATM some left

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