Competition referrals with Gleam

Do gleam comps sometimes bug and not show referral entries? recently I've noticed a few comps people say they have used my link but no extra entries from referral added, It could also be people wanting a better odd by cutting others off, Should people be called out for it or could it just be a bug/delay?

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  • just noticed your post when I was skimming through rules and guidelines for what appears to be the same thing happening to me, either gleam is bugged or the same person hasn't used my code in 2 separate competitions when they claim they have :(

  • This happens to me too. I've replied back to their comment saying that I didn't get the referral bonus and asking whether they really did use my referral link…

    What is the correct etiquette in these situations?

    It has happened to me a few times now. I guess there is no way to know for sure if they really have used your link or if it is some bug.

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      I believe some people are cutting others off, I have even seen people do it multiple times on the same comp, They would link their referral multiple times on the same thread cutting off multiple people saying used when they couldn't have with linking their same code, I called them out on it.

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