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Wonder Nappies $15 (Save $10) @ BIG W


Hardly seen 40% on nappies, thought this might help anyone looking for nappy deals. Mostly all sizes included in this offer. Use gift card for extra savings.

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  • Use woolworths staff card (if you or someone you know has it) for another 10% off

  • has anyone used these/recommend them?

    they work out 20c cheaper than Aldi's brand nappies at 13.8c per nappy… so is it a bargain?

    • you sure aldi's nappies are sold at 33.8c per nappy?

    • Reviews on BigW aren't great. I'm expecting my first baby in a couple of days, it's hard to figure out what to get, is there an ozbargain favourite?

      • Yes. Huggies

        We tried cheap nappies. They wouldn’t hold anywhere near as much liquid. My baby ended up waking up much more due to the worse absorbency. Get something worthwhile. It’s worth your sanity.

        Ps when I say worthwhile, I mean not the very cheapest. Try out some of the other brands. I hear babylove are okay. As are Aldi. We use huggies.

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        each to their own. try a few and you may find your favorite ones.

        it is simply bullshit if someone tells you huggies is the "ozbargain favorite" brand. it is just theirs.

        we like aldi's, then………. huggies, then………………………………………babylove (actually we dont like it at all). that said, babylove's nappypants are ok.

        • 2 kids here, we did the same thing. Huggies, Aldi, thank you v1 was bad, v2 was okay, baby love /huggies.

          I liked huggies but apparently will be manufactured overseas soon

      • Something that works for others might not work for you. A gf swears by Baby love nappies. Another gf's bub had nappy rash with Babylove but was fine with huggies so you wouldn't know what works until you try it.

        We had leaks at night with Aldi and Babylove so we use huggies for nights and Aldi during the day.

      • We use woolies during the day and Huggies at night. During the day you tend to change a lot more regularly and keep in to of poos etc. For the first month or 2 it'll be worth using just Huggies though, then switch to a cheaper brand during the day. To much washing if you don't use Huggies at night (leaks, overflow)

      • We used Huggies when our son was under 12 months then switched to Babylove as the Huggies nappies leaked more for us once he got older. We’ve heard the opposite from others and some swear by the Aldi or Woolies cheap brands. It’s best to try them all out (order free samples from their websites).

        As a newborn I’d probably stick with Huggies (or possibly Babylove) and then worry about all that later.


    • FWIW, I find the new version of the Huggies Ultimate range has gone backwards. Leaks a lot more.

  • This nappy is good. I was given a box of newborn ones and found them easy to put on bub then huggies. They also feel softer. With the discount I'm going to stock up. Thanks OP

  • can someone confirm the price comparison of these with Woolworth's ones?