New York Accommodation. Fleet Week. Arrgghh Help! Can I use FF points?

Hi all, still trying to find accommodation near New York. Thought going in May outside of peak season and school holidays would be good.

Turns out it is fleet week over there (defence forces are in town) and it's booked out pretty solid. Nothing remotely decent mid town, or Long island City for around $300.

Never used points for a hotel. Do they work like flighs, ie set rate regardless of time?

Any tips? Going to try Brooklyn and Jersey maybe.


  • So the dates your are thinking of going are not "…outside of peak season…"

  • What dates are you looking at

  • No FF points for hotels don't work the same way as Rewards flights… no savings to be had there! You've left it pretty late to be booking for NYC… Brooklyn perhaps.

  • I was there 2 years ago in summer.
    Unfortunately NY is just an expensive place, here are some tips but at the end of the day you will be sacrificing some comfort for less $$$.

    • Try a hostel, some of them have single private rooms with a shared bathroom for far less than a full hotel room. Or even a dorm if you are comfortable with that.
    • Check out AirBnb (this is what we did). We were in 2 different ones over there due to availability and we stayed in a private room. I have used AirBnb a fair bit but always gone down the 'entire place' route, but both our hosts were extremely friendly and to be honest, its NYC - you won't be hanging out in the room much, you only need a place to shower and sleep. I think the first was $100 AUD/night and the second about $130/night compared to $200 USD for a crap hotel.
    • Try venturing a bit further out. Have a good look at the train lines and try pick somewhere close to a station. You can save heaps for the sake of an extra 15 minutes on the train to Central Station. You'll probably end up buying an Unlimited Metrocard so it doesn't cost any extra.
    • Cheers. Still haven't locked in anything yet !

      • If you are arriving in 9 days maybe also try looking at Lastminute and Hotwire. We had our San Diego accommodation cancelled the day before we got there and we were able to book a mystery hotel with Hotwire which ended up being the Westin Gaslamp Quarter for $130/night, it normally goes for over $200/night.

  • *Update.

    Just wanted to say thanks all!

    Flying out tomorrow, so thought I better book something. Went for the Vue Hotel in Long Island. Around $620USD all up for 3 nights, so $300AUD per night for 3 nights (ouch)!

    My tips - Just google the hotel names you are interested in, and then scroll down and enter your dates into Google search.

    DONT TRUST THESE PRICES - They wont include taxes, resort/ city fees (the Vue is listed as $ isn't! Click on the show more prices link. This will then show the REAL total price with all NYC add ons.

    Then use Google maps and search the distance from the hotel to Time square etc.

    Then use google maps 3D feature to see what sits between the hotel and the Manhattan sky line.

    Finally if you are looking at going to NYC, try and search for the Comfort Inn Long City on 21st. It is brand new, has no reviews yet and basically no pictures. But is only $500 AUD for 3 nights! and there is nothing between it and Manhattan skyline, and it's close to the key subway stops. But being new with no reviews the other half vetoed it ;)