Looking to increase resolution for home office, QHD x 2 or 4K x 1?

Hey peeps, hope you've all had a nice break, or still having one if you're one of those lucky sods

Looking to increase monitor resolution at home for work purposes. Currently running 27" 1080p + 14" 1080p, latter is a Lenovo Yoga which has 1/4 the nits, or feels like it anyway and it's driving me mad. At work I'm running 24" 1080p x 2 + 14" 1080p, the two 24" there's still a lot of scrolling so I'd like to go higher than that. Shame, there's 24" 1080p x 2 + mounting bracket on gummy for $160.

It'll be mounted to the back of a standing desk approx 2ft away from the eyeballs, my options are:
A) QHD x 2, can I assume keeping them >=24" & <=27" for reasonable head turning? I see a lot of 32-36" on OzB but not these sizes.
B) 4K x 1, colour reproduction/144Hz/viewing angle are of no concern, real world difference between modern TV and monitor if any? Former I've seen many deals here.

Driven by GTX1060/3GB, it'll be 80/20 for work/personal, with an hr/wk gaming, max, if that.

Budget is around $800 with some breathing room, which don't look good for option A. Have no issues with 2nd hand, non Samsung/etc brands, but it's not easy to find two identical models. Want to have them set up before end of July.

On the software front, is there anything other than DisplayFusion I should consider?

Any suggestions on models, suggestions, and/or your own setup that's working well?

Many thanks in advance



    You can get ultrawide QHD (3840 x 1440) like this Samsung, which will fit your budget. I have a 27" QHD and though its bigger than anything i've had, i wish i had more horizontal real estate as putting 2 windows side by size just doesn't work on regular monitors. Not tried 4k though so can't comment



    Completely possible this isn't what you're looking for, but worth mentioning in case you find it is. Saw this stupid good deal the other day (assuming it's still at $500), so thought I'd share it here.


    Personal preference really. My father has a 4k monitor and I hate it, everything is too small. I have a 27" 1440p 144hz monitor and find it perfect for my needs.

    Also do you want/need a high refresh rate? Judging by your graphics card, I am thinking no. You could easily get two 27" 1440p monitors for $800. https://www.computeralliance.com.au/27-asus-vz27aq-2k-ips-ey...


      You can adjust the icons in Windows to be larger and zoom in on web pages. I have a 4K TV as a monitor and it is awesome. A little too big (49") but I love the screen real estate.



        Yeah I know you can do those things, I just think natively things are too small.

        In saying that, my 27" has a higher DPI than your 49" screen. Do you use a TV as a computer display? How far back do you sit?


          Yes, I have a 49" cheapie JVC as PC screen i purchased for $326 Big W back in 2016 thanks to this site.
          Ironically, it is 4K@60p running chroma 4:4:4; so actually gaming is not too bad on it…. and it still works lol!
          I sit about 1.5 meters away which is a little close, however I can capture its full resolution.

          I have an Asus CAD 2K monitor and I can say that the JVC is more preferable as a PC monitor for me



    I had a 32" 4K and it was too small at native resolution. Spent ages fiddling with settings to increase the size slightly, using scaling etc, but ti just didnt work well
    Swapped it for 32" 1440 which is perfect for me. 2 of them would be awesome

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    Get a 1440p 32".

    Single monitor but lots of screen real estate.


    perhaps a little dated… I opted for 2 x 32" UHD monitors. increasing the size via upscaling was required but easy enough. More than happy with the setup.