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Arlo Baby 1080P HD Baby Monitoring Camera (ABC1000-100AUS) $198 @ JB Hi-Fi


Was looking for a baby monitor and had my eye on the Arlo for a while (since I have other Arlo cameras in the house and use the app). Sale price usually hovers around $249 on sale (usual price close to $300), so $198 is a steal. Also works with Apple Homekit too and in my day or so of use, I've been happy.

Per the JB Hifi description:
*Keep an HD Video Eye on Life's Smallest Wonders
*1080p HD video, lullaby player, night light, rechargeable battery and air sensors
*View Anywhere, Anytime
*Works with Google Assistant

For more info, refer to:

(Don't forget other potential ways to get this cheaper, Suncorp Benefits for 5% off JB Hifi gift cards, the $10 discount code from saving a receipt to your JB Hifi account, or price matching elsewhere, etc.)

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    That's not scary at all

    • No, absolutely no nightmares from about one-eyed green mutant rabbits

  • we have one, does the job

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    I have one, and yes it works.

    BUT it's worth noting that an internet connection is required AT ALL TIMES for the device to work. If your internet drops out you won't be able to connect to it, even on a local network.

    Netgear with all of their combined wisdom, and limitless engineering genius thought it would be a good idea to impose this limitation on a device that people would need work reliably.

    … just putting it out there.

    • i agree

      there is something about it, you pay close to $200 and it feels somewhat sluggish and buggy
      not sure if its the arvo device or the app but it feels like it should be under $100

      • I think all Arlo cameras feel sluggish since there's a delay vs. traditional IP cameras. I'm guessing all data passes through the Arlo server (which is good for surveillance cameras since it means a potential thief can't delete or steal the proof)… less relevant for a baby camera. That being said it hasn't been an issue for me in my use and I appreciate the various other sensors.

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          I don't think the video stream is doing a round trip to Netgear's servers then back while on the local network (after a quick packet capture)- Netgear would want to avoid the necessary bandwidth costs. Recorded video/audio and images are pushed to the cloud though.

          The persistent connection is most likely a requirement to allow remote viewing while not at home (i.e. the camera establishes a persistent connection with Negear's servers, then you authenticate with them and view your video feed).

          I also have the yi camera that I was hoping to integrate into Home Assistant for another purpose, without any cloud features… surprise surprise, that also needed a persistent internet connection to work.

    • I have had this since the day it came out in the US. You use to need internet but since the HomeKit update it now work locally via HomeKit. Awesome device.

      • I think you'll find that if you actually block it's internet connection with a firewall it will stop working (it's a commonly known issue) - this might not be all that easy to do without some tinkering on a consumer router.

        I can access the device and it's sensor data via home assistant locally as well… but it's still doing its thing via the internet.

        • No, HomeKit doesn’t require the internet to work, it may or may not be required to set up, but I know it isn’t needed on an ongoing basis,

          • @Jakal: How have you tested this? Isolated VLAN? Firewalled off the camera and the device used to access homekit and the camera? Unplugged the cable to your modem/router then reset the router?

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    If u do not expect to connect to internet i will recommend Hello Baby Monitor delivered

    • I prefer one that doesn't connect to internet. Can it be wall mounted?

      • Yes

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      I have that exact baby monitor by "Hello Baby"
      Does the job very well.

      Decent battery life on the monitor.
      Worth noting that the camera can't be remotely controlled/aimed.
      (which may be a requirement for some people)

    • yep i have one of these, great baby monitor for the price. Beats all the overpriced ones at Baby Bunting etc.
      And no does not require internet and no 2 second lag like internet baby monitors.
      Edit: for those wondering, there is a remote pan and tilt version if you want to pay a little extra but i just got the normal one.

      • Due to an amazon deal the pan/tilt version is only $3 more for the next 80 minutes.

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    I use mine as normal indoor camera now since my little one is old enough works perfectly
    Also has temperature, humidity and air quality sensors which are nice tho not sure on the accuracy

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      I don't put too much stock in the air quality one, it's more of an 'interesting to see' feature.
      It tends to give me an 'undesirable air quality' notification (separate to, and sometimes instead of, the humidity warning) after I have a shower in the bathroom right next to it

      • Works with homekit which is the best part too

  • Got one yesterday. Initial experience is it works very well with the native app or Apples HomeKit with around a one second delay for the video feed. Initially I really struggled to set it up, couldn’t detect the device either via the wireless setup not using the QR code method but after doing a factory reset it worked straight away. Odd for a new device. Also the official apps not bad but a few of the controls are small and packed in close so it can be a bit fiddle for some commands.

    I also have a Google Home Hub and it’s basically unusable with that device. The feed to the google device has something like a 20+ second delay, takes multiple attempts to connect and drops the feed after 30 seconds or so. As such I can recommend the device if you want to use it on your phone (or even an Apple TV), but I’d avoid it if using it on a Google Home Hubs important to you. A lot of commentary online about how it used to work better to Google devices but at some point they appear to have broken that functionality in an update.

    Anyway our baby’s a few months away so I’ll have to wait and see how useful it is as an actual monitor and how effective the background audio etc is. The motion detection seems good so it should make a decent cam for other uses too.

    • As a new parent myself (just passing one week!) the thing which I really appreciate about the camera is it comes with a cute stand (the legs of the bunny) which means it can support itself on the edge of a table/bench and angle the camera lens (i.e. the bunny head) down quite a lot so that it can look into a bassinet below. Most security cameras aren't designed with sitting on a table and angling down into a bassinet in mind which is what I really like about it.

      The crying detection is good, and I appreciate the other sensors. The video quality is decent (although it does have some artefacts visible from time to time).

      Downside would be that lag, and the lullabies/light with buttons on the bunny head to activate/deactivate.

      One other thing to note I also had issues setting up initially - it wouldn't add to my existing Arlo app for some reason the first time but then it worked the second time without a reset. Maybe because I renamed it? And then Homekit wouldn't work by scanning the code but I typed the code in, it had an issue but then it appeared to work just fine. shrug It's cool being able to access it from my Apple Watch when I'm out and about.

      ps. Best wishes for when your one arrives! I suggest researching deals on things like baby furniture/bottles/breast pumps/sterilisers/etc. which are less likely to be on discount, take time to get here, etc… And of course nappies too.

  • How do these handle a mesh network?

    • +1

      Seems to work fine with my Google Wifi

  • We use a camera that supports RTSP and a cheap audio only baby monitor. This is a great solution because it doesn't require internet, has good camera resolution, can use your phone to view video and the sound is always on because of the audio only baby monitor.

    • cheap audio only baby monitor.

      which one do you recommend ?

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    If you want a free solution and have an old phone lying around, may I suggest the Alfred camera app.

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    I use one of these in my snake terrarium, really good for monitoring temperature, humidity and air quality.

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    Received mine earlier today and didnt have any issues with setting up. Took about 10 mins to set up and sign up for a new account. Works really well although i have a lag of maybe 2 seconds. Moving from a non-smart monitor that would start beeping if i took the monitor further than one gyprock wall away, this is a godsend. Very happy with my purchase.

    I'll note that I was prompted to update the firmware so unsure if theyve addressed some of the issues that online reviews talk about. I'm on an 80mbps connection with a decent router.

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