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[XB1] 12 Months EA Access for $9.16 from Microsoft Argentina


ARG$299 = A$9
Completed using Credit Card and Argentinian Hotel Address
Remember to turn off recurring billing in browser.

(From HotDealsUK)

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    Can you buy as a gift

  • Thanks OP just ordered it.

  • Thanks got 1 year as well!

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    Do you get access to the Australian games (65) or the Argentinian (50)?


  • Oh my god hells yeah. Thank you for this.

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    You may not want to turn of auto renew. It says that it'll charge the same amount in 12 months. I am happy to keep paying this rate.

    • Comment got a neg, but this is a fair point, if it is true.

      You could always wait till the 11th month and see if there is a cheaper alternative!

    • Mine said ongoing cost of 299 as well and they will email if it changes. Valid point

  • Wish they had a similar thing for Xbox live gold

    • Check out Microsoft Rewards maybe

  • Hmm AUD~$23 a quarter ($7.67 a month; save $3.28 per month) for Game Pass too, once 3 month discounted promo ends


  • Didn't work for me. Says "currency country mismatch"

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      Make sure when you put the credit card you put an Argentinian Address

      Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 1592, C1089 CABA, Argentina

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        Hey! That's my address

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    Do you need a VPN for this? or just change the store?

    Update: Just signed up, used the OP's link. Thanks OP

    • … and for everyone else playing out there, NO you do not need an Argentinian VPN to subscribe.

  • Sweet… done, thanks op!

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    Will this access work for PC?

    • Was thinking the same thing, Would be thinking yes but never used EA Access before. Anyone know?

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        didnt even consider it. turns out it doesnt work.

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          Happy to pay for your code if you want. PM your PayPal.

    • just signed up not even considering it was xbox only. Will not work on pc.

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      No, the PC one is origin access.

  • Done and done! Even cheaper then Brazil was a few years ago.

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      Argentina > Brazil, confirmed???

  • damn i just signed up not thinking this would be xbox only.

    • Origin have their own subscription games services for PC
      EA Access has been Xbox One since inception

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    Saying something about blocked currency or blocked store to me! Once I go through the payment

    EDIT: Sorry, misunderstood. It's saying mismatched region because I already have a sub from Australia. Anyone know a workaround?

    • What hotel are you staying in?

      • I think it was Park Royal or something like that. But yeah it's saying "you already have an active subscription from a different region"

  • Wow thanks, it worked like a charm.

  • Nice!

  • Thanks. Grabbed GTA V for $11 while there.

    • Steam or Rockstar edition?

      I noticed Forza Standard Edition is only $60 AUD when using the Argentinian store. I'm guessing it has been cheaper though.

      • Just the base xbox1 game. It looks like region blocking on purchases is turned off as long as you have the Argentine address in your account. Metro Exodus at $19 is tempting but TBH I didn't expect GTA to work and am now a little paranoid about a possible account ban.

        • I purchased it as well. We will be fine.

        • Totally forgot they sell console versions lol.

          I purchased FH3 back in the day using the Singapore website and that was maybe two years ago.
          Has always been fine.

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    Wow thank OP, great find.

    Anyone turn off auto renewal, it says same price (ARG$299) for renawal and definately happy to keep that but how do we know the price won't change from now till next year.

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      Gotta hope Shorten & Co don't tank the $A

  • Their 3 month Xbox Game Pass is about 32c AUD. Anyone know if this would work?

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    Didn't work for me….Says please contact Microsoft support…Would it be due to my current AUS based subscriptions?

  • Bought. Don't need.

    • Happy to pay you the $9 through PayPal if you dont need it. It couldnt get it to work. So missed out!!

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    Bought, will leave auto renewal on for now. Happy to pay $9/year

  • I get my payment can not be processed too :(

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      Same here, I’ve bought from Argentina in the past

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        Me too payment can not be processed.

        • same, anyone have any answers as to why?

  • Even at thius price I can only see like 2 games I might play but dont have a dying need to play right now.

    Still very tempting for future games. Any must play games being added in the future?

    • Yeah, had a look, and there wasn't really anything that I want to play, aside from Unravel and Unravel 2, which I recently bought.

      (Had I not bought them, I would have signed up for this, as it's slightly cheaper, but I guess I own the games forever, so that's ok)

  • Thanks Op worked great. Visa ING

  • Cost me $9.84 but no complaints. ;)

  • Thanks! Just signed up again to it… think I'll leave the auto renewal, can't really complain for $10 a year.

  • Thanks worked. Did the entire thing in Spanish which I consider a free intro lesson too.

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    Stop giving rubbish companies your money lol

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    Having trouble because I already have subscription active… Is there any work around?

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      I had this once before and had to wait for the current sub to finish before activating the new one.

      • Damn thanks

  • Hi guys do I sign up in the Argentina portal in spanish? How can I put a hotel address if I don't know what the boxes say? Or do I do it on the Australian store? Ty I'm alittle confused. Awesome find up.

    • +1

      Google Chrome - Translate

      • Fair enough. Don't know why I didn't think of that. Lol cheers

  • Unfortunately it doesn't work for me. I think I entered my address incorrectly, tried a new one and no luck. It tells me to contact Microsoft for support. :(
    Might have to try again later.

    • It worked for EA Access and two separate game purchases earlier but I now get the same error.

    • Maybe my address format not the issue based on comments

  • Not working for me. Tried 28 degrees and NAB Visa.

    Any tips?

  • Tried my Bendigo bank and 28 degrees card and a few different addresses, get payment cannot be processed.

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    Looks like they've blocked it…it was good while it lasted :(

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      tightfisted fascists! .. Argentina needs the pesos!

  • Hi guys even when using Google translate which was suggested to me already. How do I actually input this address correctly.

    Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 1592, C1089 CABA, Argentina

    Is the first part address line1

    What is the state etc?
    Is caba the state lol?

    Thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciated.

    • CABA is the city, Buenos Aires is the Province/State. It's not working for me though as per the others above

      • Thanks alot, sadly doesn't look like it will work now. Cheers for the assistance mate.

  • -3

    So console players are the ones supporting EA and all their shenanigans huh. I guess they can't be classified as real gamers anyway…barely one step up from mobile gamers.

    • You watch GOT though

      • I love how you think watching GOT is bad and supporting a company like EA is good. Hilarious!

        • Show me a better $9 deal other than the GTA 5 I got for $11

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    It's cheap but list of games is limited. There's some good games in the list, eg, Dead Space series, Burnout Paradise. But I found nothing I don't own and want to play.

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    Yeah I got some error that told me to contact Microsoft support they took $1.20 something from me. I contacted Microsoft support asked them what the go was supposably it was a hold authorisation and I would get it back within 24 hours. Needless to say I regret attempting this.

    • Got the same message.

      • Yeah it was really weird it acted like it wasn't going to work though I see an authorisation in my transaction history and a conversion to the currency. This definitely isn't just something that works

        • Yeah I've got $1.26 and $0.13 charged to me account. Got an error message though.

          • @YaCono: I got the same charges plus one for $9. It worked for me, but kind of wish it didn't.

            • @chromium: Why? Don't like the games?

              • @YaCono: It's mostly Xbox 360 and old sports games. I already owned all if the good stuff.

                Wondering if there are any other benefits like early access to titles. I seem to remember something about being able to play FIFA before it was released last year.

  • Obviously didn't work for me and a bunch of other people. Sammy304 said it's some kind of credit hold so i wonder if it will still go through and paid. Lastly I'm alittle worried that this could be interpreted as fraud as we are not actually in Argentina. I hope this isn't the case lol.

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    It worked for me this morning.

    I can see 71 games available, most are 360 games or old sports titles.

    Waste of $9 imho. I already own the handful of decent games

    • Yeah I checked the list beforehand it's pretty bleak. Definitely not worth more than $10