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3x700ml Ballantine's Scotch Whisky $64.85 (Groupon Code + New User) + Delivery @ Boozebud


Price includes purchasing the $50 Credit for $10 Groupon from this deal, but doesn't include delivery as that is variable.

A large amount of decent cheap whiskey for a very good price. Shipping was only $6.89 for me.

(34.95 * 3) - 50 + 10 = $64.85

Cashrewards will work on the Groupon order, may not work on the Boozebud order.


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  • +1 vote

    Crazy cheap. Not a great whisky, but no-one knows when you drown it in Coke.


      Yeah, I found a bottle of this lying around a little while ago. Drowned it in soda and ice, was great.


      It's probably up there with the worst tasting whiskys but like you said, drowned in coke who cares.


    Boozebud have limited the Groupon voucher to one per household

    • +4 votes

      if you click enter a custom address and then just spell your street or something wrong than it's enough to still qualify as a "new address" and Aus post just fix the address when they goto deliver it.
      Worked fine for me the other week when I noticed the same thing ;)

  • +2 votes

    Add "sale" when purchasing the groupon and get $1.00 off the $10 voucher. Comes to $9.00.
    Brings it down to $63.95.
    Went to checkout and added the promo code and with delivery of $6.89 came to a total of $61.74.
    Thats $20.58 each not including the cashbacks and shopbacks


    ‘No More Stock’

  • -1 vote

    Can you stack Groupon credit with 15% off new customer purchase?


    Thanks, 3 bottles of St Remy for $23.91 each.