Buying an Automatic Watch Online

I'm thinking of purchasing a Seiko 5 SNZF17 for my boyfriend. I have never purchased an automatic watch online before and I'm not sure whether I should beware of sites like Jomashop and Creationwatches.
What websites would you recommend and what were your experiences with them?
Any other watch recommendations?


  • Nice watch, the Seiko will spark a debate about value vs prestige :).How big are his wrists?

  • Your boyfriend is lucky! Jomashop and Creation watches are what are known as grey market dealers. There is nothing wrong with grey market (the watch is 100% genuine) it just means it is outside the manufactuer sanctioned 'official' dealer network so Jomashop etc run their own warranty programs.

    I have bought two watches succesfully off Jomashop. Just be aware that the "DHL" option for their shipping uses DHL E-commerce which is very very slow shipping with all sorts of third party handling (it eventually goes via USPS then Austpost.) You are probably better off to just select the USPS option direct from Jomashop.

    PS. Don't forget the $20 or $25 vouchers for Jomashop that are easy to get by signing up to their mailing list or referral.

  • Amy is that you?

  • I purchased from creation watches no issues, came fast and I got what I expected.

  • If you want warranty you could try Star Buy, been really happy with them.

    I have both solar and automatic watches, I actually find the solar more practical as I can not wear it for a month and it is still going whereas the automatic usually doesn't last through the weekend.

    I do like to watch the gears through the clear back in the automatic though….

    • Starbuy for this one.

      Jomashop is good for high end watches but their postage is expensive and god help you if you have an issue.

      Ditto for creation but to a lesser degree.

      Or even ebay for a cheap seiko 5.

  • I've bought a Seiko (that I'm wearing right now) from Amazon US in the past. No problems.

    I see they are stocking the watch you seem to be after Amazon

  • I've purchased a Seiko (Men's Seiko SNE437P1 Prospex) from Starbuy Watches and it is perfect. Also, I miss Watchnerd and PJC. :/

    • And MathNerd, all in the Penalty Box! Did they all have a massive fight or were they busted for spamming posts with their usual rhetoric again?


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