expired 36 VIP Music Bundle on Groupees - US $2 (~AU $2.90) Minimum


A new VIP music bundle has started on Groupees from UK artist 36 featuring his entire discography of ambient and atmospheric music.

VIP bundles differ from regular bundles on Groupees as they usually have a limited physical tier and due to the popularity of this bundle those cassettes have almost completely sold out but the first two tiers still contain the digital music with 10% of your payment being donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $2 minimum you get:

Ghost Vault (album)
Bass Communion Remixed by 36 (album)
Tape Series: Green (EP)
Tape Series: Red (album)
Tape Series: Blue (album)
Cocoon/Saphron (single)
Reunion/Deluge (single)
Sun Riders (EP)
Pulse Dive (EP)
Hypersona (album)
Hollow (album)
Memories In Widescreen (album)
Lithea (album)
Shadow Play (album)
Dream Tempest (album)
Sine Dust Versions (EP)
Indigo/Expanse (single)
Orphan Works 04-XX (album)

For $12 minimum you also get:

Tomorrow's Explorers (EP)
Circuit Bloom (EP)
C45 Dreamloops 1-2 (album)
The Infinity Room (album)
Void Dance (Remastered) (album)
Black Soma (album)
SYNE (album)
Fade To Grey (album)
Sine Dust (Remastered) (EP)
Seconds & Forever (EP)
Ego Death (EP)

For $36 minimum you also get (limited physical tier):

Hypersona Cassette Tape

The bonus has already been unlocked.

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