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50% off on Zinus 40cm Metal Platform Bed with Steel Slat Support, Double $89.50, Queen $94.50 + Freight @ Zinus Amazon AU


Zinus invites you to try our 40cm Metal Platform Bed Frame with metal slats.

(Please leave a review to tell us know what you think)

*Strong and Sturdy steel structure
*Convenient and Compact Packaging
*All tools included for ease of assembly
*Worry free 5 year limited warranty
*Mattress sold separately

Only avialable while stocks last.
Double and Queen sizes available.
Standard Shipping applies.

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    Product Description:
    Enjoy the strong support and convenience of the new 40cm high Standing Black Metal Base by Zinus. Compact packaging allows for tight interior spaces such as stairs and hallways. Assembles easily in minutes with no tools required, Strong mattress support with steel slats prevents sagging and increases mattress life. The new convenient and all in one mattress foundation solution includes rounded legs so no additional frame is needed. Another comfort innovation from Zinus. Pioneering comfort


    We also have a hot price sale going on for 2 of our low height mattresses: (upto 20% off)

    Zinus 20cm Support Comfort Spring Mattress:
    Single $92, Queen $136 (plus freight)

    Zinus 15cm Support Spring Mattress:
    Single $80, Queen $121 (plus Freight)


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    I really love and appreciate the compact look and the storage under the bed but those slats look more like bars and I feel like pocket springs Will drop in the gaps

    Like many of my fellow OzBargainers I recently purchased a pocket spring mattress and the warranty is quite specific and this will definitely void it.

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      I bought one of there other frames and added slats from Bunnings to use it with my zzz altelier.

      But yeah this has much bigger gaps.


        Yeah I considered that I'm just sceptical about the quality of the metal and that sucks because I was about to pull the trigger on the platform base which has wooden slats until I did a bit of research. Yes they have heaps of positive reviews but it's the -ones that scare me. Specifically a lot of the pictures from the one star reviews.


          Hi Sammy304,

          At Zinus we have a team that review all and any reviews and try to implement a fix if the rating is low as we want everyone to love their purchase.
          With this in mind we use a strong and durable steel tubing for this frame (and the majority of our bases) that is 22 gauge or 8mm thick, but for piece of mind if you are considering a Zinus base try searching for reviews with the word sturdy in them (you will get any positive or negative one to look through) but as mentioned earlier if we received a negative review we will have done testing and strengthened the steel or assessed the damage to see if it is caused under heavy handed delivery and reviewed what is possible their so that everyone going forward can love their purchase.



      Note, if you bought the 34cm zzz altelier mattress (I did), the total height of the bed will be 74cm. That's a fairly high bed. My wooden slat base is not as high & I find it a bit too high @65cm totak. The extra firm zzz altelier mattress is 23cm, so 63cm high bed.

      This seller's last deal was for 20cm thick mattresses which would give a better height @60cm.


    This base is new this week to Australia but please find below a link to our product in the US, it has over 2500 reviews with an average rating of 4.5stars.


    Most mattress companies have a clause of some type that voids warranties if you don't buy their base, but I believe the best way to know if the product is A quality one is to go through reviews and make a decision from their before purchase.

    This base is suitable for all of our Zinus Mattress warranties.

  • -2 votes

    Comment from wife: I really dislike the black. If it were grey/burnished steel or white — that would be better


    We purchased a similar frame from eBay two weeks ago for less than $60 delivered (double) using one of the 20% off promo codes. It's a good bed base, we're happy with it. Ours had wooden slats, not metal.


    40cm height, but can I ask what the clearance is for storage under the frame?


    What about King size?


    Any info when Zinus Ironline Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame is on sale?


      Hi deDraggy,

      The Zinus Ironline Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame may go on sale in the future but at the moment we don't have any plans for this to be reduced.



    Hi Ozbargain team,

    The above advertised base also features:
    -Non Slip mattress pads. (As this is a metal frame this stops the mattress from sliding, with out the need of a post that is visable)
    -Quick Snap slat system for a quick and easy assembly. (Their are some parts that require the provided tools to assemble but this allows it to be assembled easily and quickly)
    -Strong and durable square Tube Steel (22gauge - 8mm thick)


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