Google Home Mini Codes from Spotify

I noticed that lot of people are selling Google Mini redemption codes on Reditbay and eBay.

It appears that these sellers get codes from Spotify. How are they getting hold of these codes and is it legal to resell them?

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  • Yes it is legal. If they got the code legally then resale is nothing illegal

  • It just a trick

  • they'd most likely make a few different accounts with burner EFT cards, pay for them legally at $17.99 a pop or $3.60 tic tac offer and then pocket the difference.

    • $3.60 tic tac offer?

    • They set up family accounts to sell cheap Spotify accounts.

      This in turn gives them a whole bunch of cheap Google Home Minis. I've seen them selling for as low as US$3-$4. Or someone sold 50 codes for US$50 or so, couldn't be bothered selling them individually.