What Happened to Woolworths $30 off $60 Deal (GET30OFF)

Hello Guys

Just wondering what happened to the targeted Woolworths $30 off $60 deal (GET30OFF) that was posted like a week ago?
My account was eligible (I received a pop-up message but no email confirmation) as it had longer expiry I decided not to use it then…
Unfortunately the code doesn't work anymore plus unable to find that thread/deal on OZB - wondering what happened? Can somebody please shed some light?

Mods - please remove this if we shouldn't discuss this publicly in the forums.


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  • Unobtainable Deal:

    I'll just quote Infidel

    Agent: This specific promotion is targeted to customers who spend a certain amount each month

    Those receiving this coupon have already met conditions for the earlier real Deal.

    you had to spend $180 before 14 April 2019. This $30 off $60 spend is linked to that.

    That earlier Deal does not seem to have been posted.

    Agent: your account has not been lodged to be accepting this code, this is why when entering the code an error message stating you are not eligible comes up

    • Thanks neil for your explanation. Much appreciated.

      • I had a targeted Easter30 code. "Just spend $160 or more in as many online orders as you like by Sunday, 14th April".
        I had a month to claim it.

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