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Hi Ozbargainers,

I have a question regarding the recent NBN price increase particularly with Optus (https://www.itnews.com.au/news/optus-sets-85-a-month-as-its-...). The price has gone from $75/m to $85/m. Almost a month ago, Optus increased the price of its NBN plans by $10. Now that NBN is available in my area, I'd have to switch over from sometime in the future.

My question is; does anyone know a way if I can convince Optus to let me switch to NBN and keep their previous $75/m price? Or even a possibility to negotiate a speed increase with no extra cost? Shame that I have to switch to NBN right after the price hike!

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    Same boat, I will terminate my Optus cable if they do not match the current price of my cable and switch to another NBN provider, one with new subscriber promotions. I think stating this will change their mind, or lose a customer.

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      I've been researching some other ISPs online. So far, Aussie Broadband has some great reviews and at a cheaper price.


      Was on Optus cable for 9 years
      They point blank refused to match the price I was paying and I had to go with advertised price.
      Best they could do is 6m half price, that was it.
      A lot of it has to do with the cost nbn co charges them to delivered the nbn. Sadly this leaves limited room to move on pricing.
      I switched to aussie broadband and haven’t looked back :)


    Could try their live chat I guess.

    Just keep saying your considering leaving because you want the price to remain the same and other providers are faster.

    Customers are still getting shafted by privatisation and pointless, inefficient duplication of systems and overpaid CEOs and other wastes of space that are inside every additional business that is shafting customers. ACCC is still pretending this is cheaper than monopoly like retards.


      Thanks a lot for the advice mate. Appreciate it. I will definitely call them up.


      NBN Co have raised the wholesale prices. ACCC & Telstra wants them to lower it, but can't force them to.


    I moved from Optus Cable (while in contract) to Aussie BB earlier in the year (which I would recommend).

    Optus offered to match the price I was paying on cable but only for a limited time. Didn't think it was worth switching to Optus NBN then having to switch again in 6 months to get a better price.


      Also I spoke to them a couple of times on Live Chat about it. Got a different answer / offer each time.


      May I ask how long ago when you switched? Since Optus only recently increased their NBN prices I'm hoping they are still okay with negotiating prices.


        End of Jan 2019.


        you only can ask them waive start up fee and setup fee .They can provide a new wifi modem.
        no way you can convince them. ( I did try ).

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    does anyone know a way if I can convince Optus to let me switch to NBN and keep their previous $75/m price?

    And what makes you so special you should get the old pricing?


    On the same boat, still in cable contract since April 18. What the options to get NBN50 with a reasonable price?

    Talk to the store rep during lunch time. She refers me to talk to the "Customer team".

    I suppose I signed up for the cable plan at $80/mth. Optus wants me to switch to NBN at the new price but the current contract is still in place. Can they charge more for the switching from cable to NBN while still in contract?

    Any Optus rep in the forum?


    I just signed up nbn 50 with optus for $85 month ( switch from adsl ) You can ask them waive start up fee and setup fee ( with month to month plan ) no option for them to reduce to $75 or $80.

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