Lack of Woolworths Offers

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if I am alone or they might have changed the algorithm that sends out offers in the recent months.

We used to have a myriad of offers to pick the best from in our household. However in the last few months there hasn't really be any offers for spending $$ at woolies in the last few months. The only one that has been receiving offers is the one that is usually spent on. Seems weird they might be actually rewarding loyalty now. Anyone have anything similar?

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  • It's been a bit tight from my end, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    • Out of the 5 cards in the house, we used to have minimum 2 or 3 to pick from for each week. We wouldn't scan a card unless we had an offer to try and reduce them sending big spend offers. Now the only card with an offer is the one that is used for all transactions that don't have an offer. Glad to see it's not just me though.

      Have you been scanning your card regularly?

      • +1

        I scan every time I go, no matter what I'm buying. I usually expect to get a 2 week/4 week deal 4 or 5 times a year. Been light on recently.

  • It is true as I have many card numbers.

    Apply to join Bunch and you can get some freebies from time to time.

  • Haven’t seen a good ww ebay deal for a while either

  • Same here. Got one the other day finally - spend $200 and get…


  • I get almost no emails from them and other family members get them almost daily.

  • Same. No offers recently.

  • Same - only one offer so far this year, but plenty last year.

  • Regularly used Woolworths reward card gets more offers while dormant card gets none. Completely contrary to Coles Flybuys.
    Spending $X in Y weeks to get Z points offers are less than Coles Flybuys but I have "Love extra bonus points" offers more often.

  • Last Woolworth purchase I used I think ShopBack or CashRewards to buy some discounted wish gift cards and then combined that with some promo was like $10 off $150 spend or something and got a few savings by that but other than that nothing for Coles and Woolworths for sometime.

  • Definitely a lack of accessible discount offers. The ebay evouchers saving 12-16% have dried up it seems and I see they've pulled the ebay seller account they were selling them on. WoolworthsSupermarkets (8914) .

    I'm hoping they lay the cards on the table () and offer decent discount upfront as opposed to all this coupon clipping crap. Its got to be above 10% to get my attention or I'll shop with their competitors.

    • It is not surprising as flybuys is eBay's reward program now.

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