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Tefal Oleoclean Pro Deep Fryer $135.32 Delivered @ Myer eBay


Was looking for something my mum wanted for mothers day. She prefers oil to air frying.

Myer have added 15% off this item so if you stack the 20% ebay PROMOMYER it becomes a very good price.

Once your frying is done, turn off the appliance and turn the dial to "automatic filtration". When the oil starts to cool down, it will go through a sieve before being drained into the oilbox underneath. Thus, your oil will always be clean and can be used many times.
• Automatically filters and stores the clean oil for next use so the oil lasts longer.
• Digital timer.
• Easy to clean thanks to dishwasher safe components.
• Immersed heating element: Heating element reaches the high heat needed to crisp food.
• Adjustable temperature: Deep-fry from 150C to 190C.
• Cooking lid: Lid can be used during cooking and is equipped with a metallic filter and a viewing window.

Original PROMOMYER 20% off Sitewide at Myer on eBay Deal Post

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  • Had one of these for 2 years now and it's works great. Paid $180 for it.

  • Thanks OP, been thinking of getting one of these for a while now.

  • Own 1. Been using it for 2 yrs now.

    Tip: make sure you check that the oil box is empty before turning the dial to auto-filter. Else you're in for a big mess-take (pun intended).

    • Is the heating element in direct contact with the oil or does this one heat the container? Reason I ask is that too use fats that are solid at room temp you aren't meant to use one with a hearing element that touches directly.

      • Heating element is in direct contact with the oil.

      • Yes, as Jax said the element is in contact with the oil not the container.
        These type of deep fryers normally shouldn't be used with solid fats because the element can overheat because it's not fully surrounded by oil.
        If there was some smarts built into this one it might be able to recognise this and cycle the element on and off till the solid fat melts.
        You could download the manual here - or used the same link to contact them and ask if you want to find out for sure. I don't think you'd want to use solid oil anyway because the auto filter option wouldn't work, unless you heated the oil storage container to remove the solidified oil after it cooled. It also depends at what temperature it releases the oil into the container, it might go solid before the valve opens?

  • Got one. Thanks OP!

  • Code not working for me…This code can't be applied to your order.

  • Really good value! Have had mine for over 6 months. The oil drain and storage box has been such a good upgrade from my old fryer.

    • Just a quick question, does the oil drain into the storage box as soon as you flick the lever or is there a thermostat in the drain that opens once it cools down a bit? I coudn't imagine it draining 190 degree oil into a plastic storage container. I used my wifes plastic tongs in our deep fryer when drunk one night and that didn't end well :) .