How Do You Chromecast over VPN?

Hello Geeks, I recently purchased a paid subscription of ExpressVPN. Everything is running smoothly except that I cannot cast Netflix or in that case anything once I am connected to VPN. I tried creating a virtual router however my Chromecast isn't able to detect the new virtual router / WiFi network (

Just wondering if you use VPN, how do you cast the content over to your TV?



  • I have to cast my chrome tab from pc to the chromecast.

    • Once I hook up to VPN from my PC, it does not let me cast from Chrome tab either.

      • Does it cast at all when just normal web browsing? If so you need to begin casting the tab before opening a video in netflix. Otherwise I'm not sure how to fix.

    • Does that actually work well? I've been meaning to get on to Arrested Development Season 5 and am not going to watch on my PC, lol

      • Yeh it works well on the chromecast 2, didn't work so well on the original chromecast though.

  • Yeah same here.

    I tried ran free VPN on mobile phone android then I couldn't cast YouTube from mobile to Chromecast. Sad….

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    There may be an option in the VPN client to "bypass LAN". You will need to have this ticked/turned on to be able to see the Chromecast.

    That said, I'm not sure how the CC negotiates this - whether it directly talks to your router and then the WWW or via the phone, then to router and then to the WWW. If it is the former, the VPN being turned on will be useless.

    • It goes directly through your route with native apps, ie a youtube cast will use the youtube 'app' in the chrome cast, and it will connect directly to youtube by it's wifi connection.

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    you need to enable the vpn at the router level. and not all routers are capable of this. look for something capable of running openwrt

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    I am using express VPN too. I have it on my iphone. All you need is, a jail broken iphone. You need to install a tweak called tetherme. Then the tweak will let you use Hotspot with VPN. And of course you’ll need to setup your Chromecast using that hotspot. Only down side is that it won’t let you use wifi. So you’ll basically be using your 4g on your phone plus VPN and hotspot it onto your Chromecast. Let me know how you go

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    Old thread, but got this working by using a Raspberry Pi (bit of Linux knowledge and messing around required). There are also a few cheap WRT routers on Amazon or eBay which should be able to convert an ethernet cable into a VPN hotspot.

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