Speed Limit Hume Fwy and Coppers Rd Area VIC

Hello peeps.
I'm not from this side of town and was lost.

Was heading towards the city, thought the speed limit was 100 on the fwy

Probably doing 97 to 104

I drove past that bit where there is a lump of very visible permanent speed cameras on both sides.
All cars seemed to slow down significantly.
But the preceeeding roads are all 100

Is that a 80 zone by any chance?


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    Coppers? Do you mean Coopers St? Near Epping?

    Viable? Do you mean visible?

    Unless there were road works, this is generally a a 100 zone. These cameras are point to point. Cars probably slowed down as they sped in between and needed to balance it out.


    Perhaps you might find useful info here

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    What makes them viable? Did they get a good photo of you and your vehicle?

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    100 zone


    It is 100. The freeway you were on was the Ring road. You would have passed the Sydney Rd bridge and then the speed camera would have been about 1km up the road. That part is 100. It drops to 80 way further up when the Tullamarine/Airport exit starts. Here is the Google Map to ease your mind: https://goo.gl/maps/yEBQGwzQedqJgtr79

    The speed limit sign is on the Sydney road bridge. See this map: https://goo.gl/maps/5tvAjQCAj53aCtY5A

    Its normally 100 unless they dynamically reduce it to 80 which only ever usually happens when there is an accident ahead. Hope this calms your anxiety!


    Other cars around speed cameras are no indication of the speed limit. Most of them brake and slow to 15-20 under the limit because they drop to 5-10 under what the speedo shows but don’t allow for its extra 5-10km/h variation.


    Its a 100km/hr zone for sure. I drive past often.

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