Telstra Air Hotspots/Apple Music/Live Sports Stream on The Cheap

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Hello all,
I believe this is the best possible way to enjoy the benefits of being a Telstra mobile customer on the cheap, especially for the live sports streaming, which is what I am mainly looking for.
Grab a $30 Long Life Plus 186day Sim/plan, currently on special for $20 online.
I have had confirmed by two online reps this includes the freebies normal customers get. Also you could buy several but you then have to deal with the expiry on them, so risk/reward scenario.
Hopefully this helps some…..

EDIT: Have purchased from Officeworks saving $1, and activated and can confirm ability to watch replays(for now) of AFL games. This is what I wanted so hopefully this helps someone else.

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    I wouldn't bother for Telstra Air.


    Is the Telstra air unlimited? Is this the same Sim card? and if so does it have Telstra air?

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      I think it might be, but it all depends on which plan you select when activating it. For my deal you select a Long Life plus 186 day expiry plan, which has no data/SMS/calls included, and whatever you use gets taken from the initial credit, that being $30. Hope that helps. My scenario was looking for the cheapest way to get live AFL/NRL streaming at the cheapest possible price.


      Telstra Air is a service where if you have a Telstra modem/router then other people can use your residential service via Wifi and you can use their's if you are ever near their Telstra internet with Wifi.

      I think it's enabled by default. The system checks if the user is part of the service so you must have Telstra residential (or business?) internet service with Air enabled in router settings AFAIK.

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      It used to calculate data off your home Telstra plan but I'm pretty sure it's unlimited now.

      Prob realised Telstra Air was so slow that people weren't going to use that much data on it anyway.


    $30 - 186 days
    $50 - 186 days
    $70 - 365 days
    $100 - 365 days

    i don't get it. if their inclusions are all the same what's the point of $50/70/100 ?


      gimmicks? less recharging? the $ amount is only credit for you to use…..maybe cheaper unit pricing for calls/sms/MB usage, etc
      EDIT: just checked as I was curios and all unit pricing is the same…so beats me what they is doing…..

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    Couple of points on Telstra Air:

    1) It's available and unlimited on their home broadband, as well as many if not all mobile plans (this includes cheap prepaid plans).

    2) You're never likely going to be able to use it (very few hotspots and an incredibly complicated way of establishing connection once you find one).

    3) There is no map of Telstra Air hotspots, so there is no way of telling where the nearest one is - the phone app is supposed to switch over automatically when it detects a hotspot (lol goodluck).

    Note: you can use the Telstra Fon map to get an idea of where the Telstra Air hotspots are (Telstra uses the same hotspots to connect Australian customers to their Air hotspots, and by agreement with overseas telcos, allows overseas customers to use the Telstra Air hotspots called Fon).

    My mum has a prepaid Telstra plan with unlimited Telstra Air, and I have Telstra unlimited cable with the Air hotspot enabled.

    I have never been able to successfully connect and use either a neighbours hotspot with mum's phone or mine even though we are both supposed to have access to the service.

    What's even more grotesque is that even I haven't been able to connect to my own Air hotspot!

    Telstra air is a joke. I have contacted their support who, on this issue at least, are of no help at all.

    The advice on forums is to turn the Air hotspot off on your home modem, because even though no one's likely to be able to use it (not even you), but you'll have a handful of people using bots to try and crack into your 'free WiFi' network on your modem, which uses a lot of the modem's resources which can impact your own home broadband speed, and overheat the modem.

    Ps: I should add that I'm not an average phone user, but am very familiar with techology.

    I certainly am not a pro working for a living in this field, but I've built, rebuilt, fixed, overclocked, chipped and modded motherboards, flashed ROM, installed and used developer OSes on locked retail devices, etc.

    But for the life of me, I have not been able to use Telstra Air, maybe I'm overlooking something simple, but in the few days I've spent trying to crack this nut before giving up (we don't really need it considering how few hotspots there are) I haven't been able to use it.

    Connect - yes.
    Use - no.

    I found it easier to connect to the Fon hotspot on the same modem, than the Air hotspot (since as a Telstra customer I do have access to my Fon username and password).

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      I find the payphone hotspots a lot more reliable than the home connection ones. But since data limits are so high now, I have no use for the service at all. It's included with my Prepaid so might as well activate it, but there is no way I would turn this on my home router, especially with your point about the effect on resources.

      I think this probably would've been good a while back when mobile data limits were low, but there's little use for it now.

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