expired 10% Cashback for New Woolworths Online Customers (Was 1.75%) @ Cashrewards


Important Change: Commencing 1 Oct 2018, Woolworths Online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards (including WISH) will no longer be eligible for Cashback.

  • Cashback will not be paid when using coupon code/s not listed on Cashrewards.

  • Cashback will not be paid on the purchase of Woolworths Gift/eGift Cards.

  • Cashback will not be paid when used in conjunction with payment by Groupon Woolworths vouchers or other third party promotional vouchers.

  • Cashback may not be paid on alcohol & tobacco purchases.

  • Creation of multiple accounts with Woolworths will void eligibility for rewards.

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    Thanks OP, but Woolies have declined every one of my transactions through cashrewards. Just my experience.


      Try shop back, I’ve had 4 successes and one decline

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        Makes absolutely no difference. If it's declined for any reason with CR, it will also be declined for the same reason with SB. We all use the same affiliate networks to track and consolidate sales. The only party that can decline or approve transactions is Woolworths, not the cashback sites. All the best.

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      There's only three reasons they'd decline transactions:

      (1) If paid partially or in full with any gift cards (including WISH).
      (2) Used an unlisted coupon code.
      (3) Paid with a Groupon voucher.

      If the sale was untracked and you raised a claim that was declined, the same 3 reasons apply, including a 4th

      (4) Sale attributed to another channel (OzB, Google, SB, etc)


        Cheers. None of those reasons but I thought it could be that they often refund small amounts for meats that are $/kg??


          It seems that the pattern by which cash backs are approved/denied are so random. Eg: My cash rewards for Coles was approved although the order itself was canceled by coles cause they ran out of everything (so essentially there was no order in the end)

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          There’s one other that I should have mentioned and that is when they discover multiple accounts at the same postal address to take advantage of first time offers etc.

          Feel free to look me up if you believe you’ve been incorrectly declined by Woolies and I can try to find out why. Have a great night.


    I'll give this a shot see if it works for me

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