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Cheap Flights to Japan! From $475 Return (Cairns, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melb)


Similar to the last deal (, I found this. Was 478$ return from the gold coast, and travel period is 1 june to 27 July. Enjoy :) Good if you missed out last time.

Looks like it is cheapest from Cairns. Anyway enjoy.

One-way Sale
Fare^ $AUD Economy Routes Travel Periods
$209 Cairns Osaka 1 Jun - 27 Jul 2011
$209 Cairns Tokyo (Narita) 1 Jun - 27 Jul 2011
$229 Gold Coast Osaka 1 Jun - 27 Jul 2011
$278 Sydney Osaka 1 Jun - 29 Jun 2011
via Gold Coast
$298 Melbourne (Tullamarine) Osaka 1 Jun - 29 Jun 2011
via Gold Coast
$278 Sydney Osaka 1 Jun - 29 Jun 2011
via Cairns

BTW Even thou it says one way sale, the return flights are from 229$ (well for gold coast) So good if you can be flexible with the return dates :)

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    It's a one way sale but the return airfares are just as cheap. For example, MEL-KIX (Osaka) $655 return, 7 June to 21 June. That's damn cheap for what you get. If only I could get some time off work…


    My sister and I are planning to go and visit Japan some time from December 2011-February 2012. Does anyone know if these type of sales (just as cheap) will be offered for those dates? I've read somewhere on this website where a person has mentioned that more sales will be offered again soon… i'm just uncertain about the actual dates.


      You'll get sales for those dates. usually dec 20ish to after new years is no sale fares though.


        I'm looking for fares to japan for the exact same time teabagzzz, have to keep looking! I'm crossing my fingers the upcoming jetstar birthday sale will have the dates we need!

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    I managed 2 score 2 sub $ 500 jetstar last year from the GC once to Tokyo and once to Osaka both amazing and if I wasn't going to oktoberfest in September I would be so up for another one


    Jetstar offer these up ever 3 months in the Friday frenzy emails


    How is the radioactive in there?


      The radiation is at background levels in Tokyo. Here is a facebook page of a person randomly taking samples around various Tokyo locations:!/Tokyo.Radiation.Levels?sk=wall&filter=2 Slight variations (as one would expect) depending on time, day and location. Highest reading there is around 0.25uSv/hr. The readings coming from Fukushima Daiichi are almost always quoted in mSv/hr, which are 1000 times greater. So, 0.00025 mSv/hr. Nothing to be concerned about.

      I wouldn't venture anywhere near the exclusion zone, but then few tourists do. Fukushima prefecture does not contain any well known tourist draw cards for international tourists.


      This is a great deal. I just really really really hope that the trolls from the last bargain don't come back here and badmouth the deal itself (remember ozbargain is about discussing the awesomeness of the deal, not the country and its politics) because of the radiation and the crazy media behind it.

      I think I'll actually grab this deal. I need to make another fun trip to shop for some specialist stuff from Japan. Can't wait!

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    this sucks I booked a one way ticket with jetstar for $500 through an ozbargain link from LAST YEAR!! :( NOT HAPPY BUT GR8 BARGAIN.

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    Can't find any of the 200~ flights apart from from cairns. I received the email today not last night so I got pretty fudged on that deal.. :-{

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    I dont see why every gives negative votes to people trying to raise awareness. No one is saying dont go, no one is saying anything all we are doing is trying to give a point of view which isnt broadcast on the MSM.

    Alot of the arguments actually sounded quite reasonable except for one which makes me think those who said it are not very intelligent.

    It was stated " If your right everyone in japan should be dead in a few year"

    Im sorry to say radiation causing thyroid cancer which is the major cancer risk from exposure can develop 15 to 50 years after exposure. So when a naive 20 year old comes on and takes a trip to japan to save a few hundred and when hes 35 develops thyroid cancer he can atleast say he was warned about the possibility of it happening all those years ago.

    You ask me to prove that there is radiation yet you cannot prove there is not. please dont just dismiss people who are trying to show people the other side.

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      Radionuclide caused thyroid cancer is caused by ingestion of iodine-131, an element with a half life of slightly over 8 days. After ten half lives a radioactive source is said to have essentially decayed. Iodine-131 is created during fission, and we're far along enough in time for virtually all of the iodine to have decayed. Citizens of Tokyo were exposed to significant levels of iodine-131 in mid March, and workers in and around Fukushima Daiichi certainly received a high dose. But to say it's still an issue today for the great majority of Japanese is simply not true.

      I take no offense at the 'not very intelligent' jibe as my original comment was meant to put things into perspective: you're worried about a 2 or 3 week holiday while millions live 24/7 much closer to the problem than most tourists will ever get.

      My comment about Leuren Moret still stands, as people who listen to hysterical ranting of the nature she is selling are being badly mislead. She stated Sellafield in the UK killed 25 million children in India. She claimed the Tohoku earthquake was deliberately created by the USA to cause a tsunami, to flood Fukushima Daiichi, to cause a meltdown, that would in turn release radionuclides into the atmosphere, to contaminate USA farming land, so that farmers would be forced to dump it to mining companies and banks. A sensational conspiracy to say the very least. Ms Moret has a lot of experience and is no doubt a very clever women, but with views like that she does not seem to be sane. She provides no evidence for her extraordinary claims which she states as indisputable facts. Her presentation was a key part of your evidence in the previous thread about how dangerous it is to visit Japan.