Neighbour Dogs Tried to Smash Fence When I Was Watering Plants

I was watering plants in backyard this afternoon and noticed that the neighbour dogs tried to smash colorbond fence. It was quite scary as I could see a bend at one place so I stopped watering plants.

I have been living at this place for 3.5 years and the neighbours didn't have dogs previously but suddenly there are 2 dogs. I just returned from holidays so not sure if this place has been sold or the neighbour just got new dogs.

My kids play in a backyard quite often. The dogs appear quite aggressive so I am quite concerned of them as they might also dig under the fence and breach it. Also this side of house has fruit plants where we have made so much effort in last 3 years to grow them so can't stop watering this side altogether.

What can I potentially do in this situation to keep these dogs away?


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            @Gaz1: Sure do. Had the older model which I could only just hear between pulses, but even I get annoyed by the new model available at Jaycar on its third setting. The other two settings are fine, can't really hear it and it is not annoying.
            If you're in Joondalup area head to the back of Trader Jacks in Currambine Central. They have installed a really loud pest repeller between the store and marmian ave., seriously annoying to me too!

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    Tell Tracey Grimshaw

  • Send your neighbor the bill for replacing the now damaged section of the fence as a deterrent if the friendly approach doesn't work?

    Oh. & maybe install some security cameras to help you gather evidence

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    Actually it surprises me ,the views some people have on dogs. My own experience from strange or even stray and "aggressive" dogs is that, the chances of a dog hurting you are far less than a human. Majority of the time they want to play or sniff or are just plain scared. As long as you dont do anything aggressive or sudden you are generally fine even if they seem to be barking and growling. I am not saying just jump right in and play, but i think its just a matter of them getting used to you like you would any human.

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      username checks out.

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    I've been dealing with the same thing for 4 years. I have 15m of back yard that I have had to fence off to keep my 2 Border Collies away from the back yard fence. If I open the sliding door or walk out onto the lawn my neighbors dog smashes the colour bond fence. Growls, snarls and barks as soon as it hears me in the back yard.

    I have ran bars across the middle of the fence to stop the colourbond sheets being pushed in. It doesn't stop the fence shaking tho.

    The dog manages to get his head just above the fence when jumping and when he sees someone the banging gets worse.

    I have spoken to the owner and been told it's harmless, I don't believe that for a second. Council have told me the dogs registered and nothing can be done until the dog attacks someone. Ranger has told me there has been reports against the dog and the tenants in their previous property but he can't take action until someone gets hurt.

    Real estate agent laughed at me when I asked for the property owners details. They pay their rent nothing can be done.

    So 4 years later I have a 250sqm back yard my dogs can't use .

    • nothing can be done until the dog attacks someone.
      Real estate agent laughed at me

      hopefully it's the real estate agent on the receiving end.
      pissweak effort by the lot of them

    • we had a neighbour across the road that had a big aggressive dog. it was often out in the street and it kept running towards me and barking aggressively. then one day I was getting out of my car and it came from behind me and tried to bite me ( i jumped back in the car). this went on for two years and when I rang the council they said there was nothing they could do unless others reported it and it bit someone.

      I had spoken to the owners politely but they didn't care. It bit two people (drawing blood) but they didn't report it because they "didn't want to cause trouble". The people were out in the street (i.e not on the dogs property) Finally it bit a friend of the owners and they put it down.

      The owners had initially told me it was harmless but for two years I had to be very careful going out the front of our house.

      I feel for the OP because it can be very scary particularly with kids

  • Ah nice 1 post wonder from the OP. Surely they can go in the sin bin for that.

  • Would be interested to see a dog smash through a colourbond fence

    • …cujo could do it

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      Somehow sensing an opening, the man wriggled free and made a dash for the now empty laundry, ramming the door shut behind him for protection.

      Simba was there in an instant, thrashing at the laundry door which had begun to bend under the force of the attack. Inside, the man grabbed the nearby washing machine and slid it against the door for protection. Light-headed from the adrenaline pumping through his body, he slumped down the wall onto the floor.

      Simba continued clawing and chewing at the door, and from inside the laundry the man could hear Tania’s attempts to try and pull the dog back. “Get help,” were the last words he heard Tania call before things went briefly quiet.

      Soon, Simba had returned to attacking the door, spreading pieces of timber through the hallway. For nearly an hour, according to police interviews, Simba tore and chewed at the laundry door, trying to get to the terrified man inside, ripping the handle off. Trapped inside without a mobile phone, he pressed his face to the small external window and screamed for help.

      In January 2018, the pair jumped a 1.6-metre-high fence and attacked and killed a German Shepherd that lived in a neighbouring property.

      The homeowners returned to find Kogan and Boo in their backyard, their dog dead, and hair and blood spread across the area.

      • Over a fence - absolutely, happens all the time. Through a fence - pretty hard to do

  • start urinating along the fence, once you marked it as yours they wont crash into it anymore

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    I read the title as Neighbour Dogs Tried to Smash Face When I Was wearing pants.

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    why dont you knock on the neighbours door and meet the dogs? i know it sounds crazy but dogs are really protective of their pack and property. i have 2 big dogs and the neighbours that made an effort to come over and introduce themselves to me and my wife when they moved in have no problems walking next to the fence, the ones that didn't come over get barked at whenever they walk near the boundary.
    it's really simple, the dogs will bark at what they dont know…. its their bloody job.

  • [This opinion has been censored]

  • I do want to meet neighbours but not finding a time due to working hours.

    Planning to do this weekend.

  • Sounds like nanny dog.

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