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NutriBullet Balance Smart 1200W Blender (+ Bonus NutriBullet 600W 5 Piece Set Blender) $199 @ JB Hi-Fi


With 1200 smart NutriBullet, Bonus 600W Nutribullet Offer!
Purchase the NutriBullet Balance Smart Blender and get a bonus NutriBullet 600W 5 Piece Set Blender. Both products must be added in the same cart transaction. Delivery fees apply. Offer valid until 12 May 2019.


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  • $99 Mega Pack is not bad…

  • You can add Natural Healing Foods Book too.
    Actually you can add two of them.


    • Natural Healing Foods Book

      There is no case where blending food is healthier than not blending it.

      • Can increase bio availability of some veg for example.

        • Science please. Articles I've read say blending better that juicing but I'm struggling to imagine blending increasing the nutritional values I'd food.

          • -2 votes

            @LuckyDrew: More fibre and nutrients - whole fruit/veg.

            • @ihbh: Boo. Science to support wild claim please. Are you saying blending something makes it have more fibre and nutrients? As though for the entire of human history we've just been waiting for the nutri-bullet to come along and finally unlock the nutri-potential of our food?
              Finally! I can do away with these inefficient teeth and digestive system if mine - the nutri-bullet is here.

              • @LuckyDrew:

                blending better that juicing but I'm struggling to imagine blending increasing the nutritional values I'd food.

                The fibre and nutrients comments is wrt blending vs juicing which you throw away the fibre and nutrients in the pulp. Do you need research for that?

                • @ihbh: @ihbh

                  They mean blended vs non-blended, what is the benefit of using a blender over other methods of vegetable and fruit preparation. I know some of the advertising for products like the nutribullet are that it will 'break down the cell walls' and thus increase bioavailability of what's inside, but I find that very hard to believe to be possible. I also can't find any studies that show anything about blending vs other methods of preparation (conversely, I did for microwave vs steam vs boiling).

  • Is 600W model “powerful” enough? That’s $79 at Coles.

  • Ya Mega Pack comes with 2 blades and travel mug and lid

  • Can't really find anything concrete on this, anyone know if the 900w blender with the milling blade would be any good grinding spices? I've been looking at getting a blender and a spice grinder, would be cool if this can do both

  • Bought few of nutri ninja slim for $50 couple of years back. They will going hard.
    It's a shame there are expensive now

  • Bonus Natural Healing Foods Book!

    The deal was looking so good until they added this.

  • Probably better off buying one of these from Aliexpress