Dead MacBook Charger from eBay


I bought a macbook charger from ebay for $28 2 months ago. It worked fine but after a month it is dead and the seller refuse to reply to all my request to replace the charger. In total i probably use it to charge no longer than 1 week time

Is there anything I can do to get a replacement?

Thanks for your time


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    Did you pay with paypal? If so you still can open a dispute and get a refund.

    • I did and still waiting for a response. But the options come up was either the package did not arrive or the item is a wrong description which in my case neither of those. It is as described and it arrived, but just happened to be a shit product

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        it is a wrong description as the sell description as in working order

        • Note that OP will have to return the fake charger to China which will cost a bit. Might be best to negotiate with the seller for straight refund (partial refund).

          Then go to Apple store…

  • Assuming it is new. If its used, then unless a warranty was provided you're just out of luck, since you admit it was working at the time of sale.

    Is there anything I can do to get a replacement?

    Yes there is. Buy another charger from ebay.

  • Genuine Charger?

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      for $28.20?

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        Tell Him He's Dreamin'

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      No its not genuine

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        ive bought a few non-genuine chargers for my macbook pro. they have all stopped working after a few weeks.

        only genuine now. my current one has been going fine for the last 12 months.

        i got it from a seller on ebay that was selling ex-office chargers

        also, the non-genuine dont have proper voltage regulation.

  • The chargers retail for $130 or so. You bought one for $100 less? Who was the seller? On what grounds did they refuse a replacement?

    Also anything for $100 less is going to be crap. You are much better off buying a real one. As expensive as they are they will at least work

    • Its a generic chinese one. I understand it wont be as good but dead in one week is unacceptable imho

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        You just said you had it for 1 month before it died.

        • I did but during that time it is just sitting unused. The total time i have used to actually charge is no longer than one week

  • PayPal.

  • It’s all sorted through paypal. Send the good back, get a refund and claim the shipping cost back. In the mean time managed to get the same genuine charger from Myer when they tried to get rid them all for $35. Life is good. Thanks everyone.