expired Low Sugar Granola Jordans ½ Price $3.50, Mojo Kombucha Lemon or Ginger 1L ½ price $4.05 @ Woolworths


I think this missed the regular 1/2 price scrapes as it was tagged in store as 40% off but was actually $7 down to $3.50 for 500g.
I had some this morning (see pic) and it was pretty good; ended up adding some chopped banana. Less than 80c per 100g is a good unit price for quality muesli/oats/cereal.

At less than 5% sugar and plenty of nuts, it is a healthy way to have cereal in the morning.

Extra bargain: Dorset Cereals - Simply Nut Granola is also 1/2 price today ($4.15 for 550g). It has 12.5% sugar so not as healthy but is in a much fancier box. It was also not picked up in the 1/2 price deals this week (ends today).

Both cereals are made in the UK.

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Whilst this brand is owned by Coca Cola (not Australians as their website hints at), there is no escaping that $4 per 1L is a great per unit cost for kombucha. Their 450ml range (mango, passionfruit or tumeric) are also half price as part of the Woolworths Online Only Super Sale.

I have just ordered a DIY home kombucha kit from Karl Kombucha, but no harm in having some of this stuff around as a convenient backup.
Mojo Kombucha

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